A Virtual Chip and a Chair

Ignition Black Spade Poker Open Main Event Satellite

The Black Spade Poker Open 6 is running on Ignition Casino, and I popped into one of the  $33 satellites for the $450 $300K GTD Main Event next month. One seat was guaranteed, the game got 15 entries (with $30 of the entry going to the prize pool), so it just made the nut with no overlay and no extra money.

I was a few minutes late, I started off with 1500 chips at 30/60 but let’s just say that anything that happened in the first 35 hands didn’t matter.

Hand 36 88 CO 2,515 75/150
HJ opens with 99 and I call. SB has KK and squeezes for 2,515. BB and HJ fold, I stupidly call for almost all of my chips, and the board runs out A446T, leaving me holding a bit more than a couple hundred chips. Whoops!

Hand 40 KT BB 150 100/200/20
I’ve had three abysmal hands in a row, and here I’m all in for three-quarters of a big blind. Action folds to the button (Player 6 in this anonymous tournament), who raises to 600 with 44. SB folds and the board runs out 6577A just missing a straight and giving my tens a win.

Hand 41 TT SB 500 100/200/20
CO (Player 6, again) opens to 600, I’m already in for a third of my chips and put the rest in. He shows TJ, the board is 9A629 and he doubles me up again.

Hand 48 9K SB 915 125/250/25
We’re short-handed with only thee players out of the blinds. They fold and I shove. BB has nearly five times my chips and defends with 74. We both pair on the flop and I avoid another loss: 973A5.

Hand 51 AJ UTG 1855 125/250/25
We’re five-handed. I shove and take the pot.

Hand 53 KJ SB 2055 125/250/25
UTG raises to 500 with 9A off a stack of 9000. Nobody calls. I shove and he folds.

Hand 55 TT CO 2880 125/250/25
I open with a shove and the button re-shoves for 3250. He has QA and we’re heads up going to the flop. I hit a set but have to dodge a gutshot draw in the river.: 9T4K7.

Hand 60 77 UTG 5645 150/300/30
Middle pairs. I sort of hate them, but we start the hand with only four players, so I raise to 900. SB has JA and calls, BB has 44 and comes along as well. The flop is TA8, it’s checked to me and I bet 1000. SB calls with his ace and the BB folds. I shut down on the K turn when it’s checked to me; the river is J, SB checks, I check, and he (Player 6) takes the pot.

Hand 64 7A BB 3175 150/300/30
We’re on the second hand with just three players (having lost a short stack between this and the previous hand I entered). The button min-raises KJ, SB calls with A6 and nearly 100bb. I shove and they both fold.

Hand 66 A2 BTN 4255 150/300/30
I shove and the blinds fold 63 and J9.

Hand 69 K7 BTN 4255 150/300/30
I shove a crummy king, SB reshoves for another 1100 chips, and he has JJ.The board runs out 337A7 and I boat up to beat the jacks.

Hand 70 K5 BB 8840 150/300/30
We’re still 3-handed. BTN shoves for 1066, SB folds, and I call for 766 on top of the big blind. This time the chips go the other way after a K5662. My flopped two pair gets busted by trip sixes on a runout of [ks5c]66J.

Hand 74 KK SB 7204 200/400/40
One of those annoying times when action folds to your big hand, you raise, and the short stack just has 3T so he doesn’t call.

Hand 78 A8 BTN 7524 200/400/40
I raise to 1200, SB folds, BB shoves 13K and I know I’m behind but cross my fingers. It works, as I’m right about being behind QQ, but the cards give me the literal nuts: 7462K. We’re still at three players.

Hand 79 Q7 BB 15288 200/400/40
The short stack has only 1852 chips and puts 1600 into the pot preflop with 98. Both of us in the blinds come along, though Player 6 in the SB is down to 5360. The flop is 6K7 and I figure my middle pair is good enough to call the last 200 or so chips the button puts in after the blinds are both checked. The turn is 4 and the river is 2, he misses his straight and my pair of sevens holds (SB folded Q9).

Hand 80 3K BTN 18780 200/400/40
It’s the first hand of heads-up and Player 6 is the big blind. I have a 4.5:1 chip advantage. Just over 40 hands ago, I was all in for less than the big blind and I doubled up twice through the player I’m now facing. I have a good shot at the $450 ticket to the $300K guarantee. There is no second prize. I raise to 1200 and he folds 98.

Hand 81 76 BB 19220 200/400/40
Player 6 raises to 1280, with just 2000 behind. He has K9 and I start off behind roughly 40%/60%. The flop is 52A, which actually gives me the lead by about 10%. Even if he has top two pair, my odds haven’t gotten any worse. We both check. The turn 7 gives me a pair. He has a flush draw, but he’s still behind 70%/30% and even if he wins I’ll still have a substantial lead. I check, he shoves, and I call. The river is the 8, my pair wins the hand and I’m playing the $300K next month.