My Time Is Coming: Report 12 or Wildhorse Couldn’t Drag Me Away

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.12.45 AMFor anyone who might have missed the blitz of Tweets and Facebook shares I did on my new article for PokerNews, it takes a look at the chance that a player will make the Top 100 in the WSOP Main Event more than once.

Other than that, it’s been a quietish week of poker for moi. It’s Tax Week, which means that I’ve drawn down every bit of money I have to pay the Feds and the state after spending hours trying to figure out how to pay less. Yes, my timebank and poker bankroll are a bit depleted,so no trip out to Pendleton for the Wildhorse Spring Poker Round-Up. Good luck to everyone out there.

Encore Club $2K NLHE

Every now and again, I like to discipline myself by forcing myself to not do re-buys or add-ons. This was one of those experiments. It went very well at first; I shot up from 15K starting stack to 55K in the first three levels, then just before the break, I doubled the same player up twice after felting him in an early round with [kh 5h] making a low straight. I caught 2nd pair on an uncoordinated queen-high flop and put him all-in when he did have the queen, then on the vert next hand playing [jd 7d], I caught top pair on the turn and thought I was about to catch him with another straight after the board ran out [jx 9x 8x 5x 6x]. He hesitated when I bet the river, then went all-in with [7x tx] for the second nuts and I called. By the second break, I’d built back up, and continued accruing chips, but not fast enough. I did outlast the guy I’d doubled, though.

Three hours and twenty-five minutes. 13th of 31 entries.


Final Table $1K NLHE

I was on another heater during this tournament and made it to the final table with a decent-sized stack, but ended up in a hand of [ax qx] v [ax kx] and busted short of the money. Overlay in this tournament of 12% of the prize pool.

Three hours and fifty-five minutes. 6th of 21 entries.


Puffmammy NLHE

The home game I started out with. I did re-buy in this game, then had a massive number of chips after playing [2d 3d] and making a straight flush on the turn. I managed to get myself called by two pair on a board with straight, flush, and full house possibilities. But I somehow didn’t even get close to the money.

Two hours and thirty minutes. 5th of 7 entries.

Encore Club $1K NLHE

Got to this game at the first break after busting Puffmammy. Encore had dropped some of the guarantees during the week, but I jumped in (getting the add-on because I was late-regging). Sat at the table with Brad P for a while, then got moved, then he was back when we were down to two tables. I picked up [ac jc] in the BB and got involved in a three-way all-in with Steve S, who’d shoved [ax tx] in middle position, and got called by [kh qh] on the button. A couple of tens on the board and Steve S was the one left standing. Or sitting.

One hour and thirty minutes. 17th of 27 entries.


Final Table $1K NLHE

I was about a half-hour late to this. Was doing fine, not great. On the last hand before break I raised [ax kx], got several callers, and flopped an ace with two lower hearts. I shoved, got called by [ah 2h] and he caught a deuce on the turn. Did not rebuy.

Fifty minutes. 20th of 24 entries.


Encore Club $8K NLHE

Got to Encore about halfway through the first level and picked up [ax qx] on my first hand UTG. Raised it, got several callers, flopped an ace, and kept the gas on. UTG1 kept calling me to the river with second pair and lost about 6K in the process, so I had a decent start. One of the guys I used to play with at the old Aces sat down two seats to my left after I got there, and on a hand where I’d called a raise with [kc 9c], he jammed 7.3K on the button after having lost most of his chips in the short time since he sat down. Action folded to me and I called for about 40% of my chips. He had [tx tx]. The flop was [tx ax qx], I made Broadway on the turn with [jx] but the river paired [jx] and I lost to the full house. From there, I never managed to quite have the best hand. The guy I doubled up lost all the chips I gave him bluffing into a nut flush. And I was out after flopping top top with [ax jx] only to have the BB in the hand with [qx qx].

Fifty minutes. 81st of 97 entries but out before break.

20160414 Encore