My Time Is Coming: Report 8 or ‘420’

Not a particularly uplifting week. Some more near-misses and agonizing defeats. Poker, in other words. Work kept me from playing the big games in Portland last weekend, so I had to make do with mostly online.

Bovada 0.5/1 and 0.25/0.5 NLHE Zone 6-Max

I had a bad patch at 0.5/1 and decided to drop down for a bit. Still managed to call off with tens against an obvious 4-bet pair of pocket kings, but….

Seven sessions. One hundred and eighteen minutes. 500 hands. +319BB

Bovada $200 Omaha Hi-Lo

Never really got much going in this, but I did make it nearly to the money.

One hour and fifty minutes. 95 hands. 8th of 26 entries.

Bovada $5K NLHE Thousandaire Maker

You only start with 2.5K in this tournament though it’s a decent structure. I don’t think I ever got it much over 5K. Hand 82 I’m UTG2 with [tc td] and less than 12BB. I rip it in and get called by two shorter stacks with [ah qd] and [js qh], [5c kc 7c] on the flop, I’ve got better than 75% equity at that point but an ace (not clubs) comes on the turn and another king on the river and I’m pout on the next hand. Eight places paid $1K, with a ninth-place consolation of $100.

One hour and forty-eight minutes. 83 hands. 31st of 108 entries.

Final Table $1K NLHE

There was over $200 in overlay Monday morning. I got to the final table with one of the shorter stacks but managed to stay alive, shoved aces and 10BB, got two calls from smaller stacks and a pair of queens beat me with a flopped set. Another bubble.

Four hours. 6th of 19 entries.


Bovada $500 O8

I limped in with [kd 4s 2d 4c] and flopped a set and flush draw, with a potential full house on [4d 7d 2s], and post-flop betting put me essentially all-in with the shallow stacks in this tournament. The [ac] turn made a straight for another player, and it remained good with no deuce, four, or diamond foe me on the river. Out a couple hands later.

Eighteen minutes. 12 hands. 47th of 53 entries.

Bovada $4K NLHE 6-Max

Hit a flush on hand 5 with [7h 5h], lost to [9h jh] and didn’t manage to recover.

Eight minutes. 12 hands. 39th of 46 entries.

Bovada $1K NLHE Turbo

I late-regged with 15BB, just about doubled up my 1.5K stack on hand 3 with [9d 9c], picked up [ah ad] two hands later and got it all-in pre-flop against [4h 4c], then he caught a set on the flop. Got most of it back on the next hand ([qs jh] v [6s 6d] against the same guy), but never got higher than that before my [qc kd] lost to [ad 6s] (we both hit the diamond flush).

Twenty-six minutes. 29 hands. 78th of 214 entries.

Bovada $200 PLO Turbo

Late entry, starting stack is 1.5K, blinds are 60/120. I was in the BB on hand 4 with two limpers and [qs 7c qc 5h]. The flop is [3c qd ad]. I pot to 360 and SB calls with [kd ah 2c 9d]. [kh] on the river, SB pots, I raise all-in for 1.1K, and he calls. [td] on the river makes his flush. Running the numbers, I’m way behind all the way.

Five minutes. 4 hands. 30th of 48 entries.

Bovada $1K NLHE Turbo

I was still more or less at starting stack after late-regging , and was down to 12BB after nearing the end of the first hour. Called an all-in with [ks js] and lost all but 60 chips to [8c 8h].

Fifty minutes. 30 hands. 96th of 165 entries.

Bovada $500 PLO8 Bounty

I was the chip leader for most of this tournament. Got off to a good start on the fifth hands with [th jd ac 8c] and made the nut flush on the turn against a king-high flush, then picked up part of bounty on the next hand with [9s jh 5h 7s] when I made a flush. Bovada’s algorithms for awarding bounties are screwy. I took half the pot for the high, two other players split the low, but I got only a third of the bounty. Got up as high as 10x the starting stack and probably should have dialed it back a bit there, but kept taking risks and inevitably lost a couple of key hands with low draws.

Three hours and forty-eight minutes. 145 hands. 13th of 59 entries, 6-1/3 bounties. +88% ROI.

Muckleshoot Spring Poker Classic #2 $4K Added NLHE

I thought I was in luck. Had jury duty scheduled in East Multnomah County for Wednesday and Thursday, the first two days of the Muckleshoot series (and the less-expensive events)  My names called first in the random selection Wednesday morning, then the computer crashes after a few more names are read. They have to reset the computer, and when they do the second random selection, I’m not on the list, so I’m off for another two years.

Drove up to Auburn on Thursday for the $200 buy-in event. I managed to run my stack up to 2.5x the starting stack by the end of registration, but there it sat for the next five-and-a-half hours. Knocked out five players (including two on one hand) but never managed to cross the 30K mark. Didn’t have any really gut-wrenching losses—I shoved [ks ts] over a raise from [ax qx] who lost to me, and the guy across from me at my second table lost half his stack with aces to a junk hand that made a straight around one card—I eventually went out with [ac ks] and 10BB UTG, and got called by [tx tx] 18 places short of the money.

I had aces once and didn’t get any action, and jacks four times, one of which I flopped a set on but had to lay down when the board ran out [ks jc 8h tc qd] and the guy who’d called my bets all the way put out another 3K. I might have been beat on the turn, but even a nine beat me on the river.

Pretty good structures, apart from the numbering, which had the breaks as a level (you came back from the first break after level 3 to level 5, a little weird). A sort of Italian antipasto at dinnertime for the tournament players. The payout curve was very steep, with 21st to 26th only paying $300 and $14.5K up top.

Seven hours. 44th of 260 entries.