Super Turbo

Bovada $500 NLHE Super Turbo

I’ve never really been a fan of turbo tournaments in general, but I have to say that doing a hand history of a super turbo has its advantages. I got into this game after busting just short of the money in one of my more regular options. It was already well under way by the time I got in; I started off with just over 12BB. I started off UTG.

Hand 4 99 CO T4,230 250/500
I’m planning to move all-in here anyway. HJ limps in with 8T from a stack of 5K, I shove, D has just a few more chips than me and shoves 77, then HJ calls. Two of the tens have been folded, the board runs out K28QQ and I triple up.

Hand 15 KQ UTG2 T11,860 500/1K/100
Nine hands and three levels later, I’m on another table in seat 4. We’re missing a couple players at the table. One player has just 4BB, most of the rest of the table is around my size, but everyone else has me covered. I shove and take the blinds.

Hand 16 A9 UTG1 T13,960 500/1K/100
I shove and the short stack in the BB calls for just over 2BB with 5J. Two aces and a jack on the flop, another jack on the river and my full house is the better of the two.

Hand 19 AJ SB T17,240  500/1K/100
UTG raises to 3K with AJ and I call, the flop is KT2 and a 4 on the turn. I fold to a 4K bet with no pair and just the gutshot Broadway for a chop.

Hand 41 8A UTG T2,270 2K/4K/400
Yeah, that’s right, UTG with half a big blind. The middle of a super turbo is not the time or place to go card dead. The previous round, if I’d opened UTG with 86, I would have turned a straight against a pair of kings in the BB, but it would have required me to go all-in preflop, which doesn’t seem likely. Another hand, 94 would have made trip fours on the river. But I shoved my tiny stack here, hoping to get enough to make it through the blinds. UTG1 called the big blind with Q8, BB had 6Q. The flop, of course, brought one of the queens, but I binked an ace on the river.

Hand 42 A5 BB T10,280 2K/4K/400
UTG calls with 21K behind and TJ. We’re just on the bubble, and I fold to a min-bet on the 7KT flop.

Hand 44 7A D T3,480 2.5K/5K/500
Back down to the sub-BB range. It’s a decent hand, but not even the best ace. UTG has TA and calls, I’m all-in, SB limps with 47, and BB raises to 30K with JA, covering both of the other players. The board is A92QQ, the jack kicker gives BB the pot, and I’m out at the bottom end of the cash.

Forty minutes. 44 hands. 14th place of 85 entries. +64% ROI.