#PNWPokerCalendar Planner for November 11

It’s Veterans Day today, take some time to remember the folks you know who are former service members.

My own thoughts go to ‘Beaver,’ our neighbor for 25 years, who feeds the cats at Poker Mutant Central when both my wife and I are away. He served in World War II in Europe, enjoys a trip to a casino from time-to-time, and a few years back I took him out to Wildhorse with me (where his jacket got swiped while he was playing slots). Beaver doesn’t much like war films, but when I unknowingly cued up The Monuments Men for post-dinner viewing last Memorial Day, he said they did a good job on the look of the Battle of the Bulge scenes and ended up liking the movie, despite my mistake.

Run It Up I

If you have the opportunity, go back a few weeks to listen to the PokerNews Podcast episodes from the Run It Up Reno series put together by Jason Somerville. Not a big-money event (the main got 300 runners with about a $500 entry), but the enthusiasm of hosts Donnie Peters and Remko Rinkema for the series and Peppermill Casino venue sure make it sound like a good time.

Run It Up II

This week’s wrap-up is going to be short, because I’m preparing to head to Wildhorse on Monday morning for the Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament (you though I wrote this all Wednesday morning? I’m just not that good). By now, I should have played the HORSE tournament and am getting ready for the Seniors game. Since the Encore chop:

  • Just missed the money in a Bovada $250K guarantee (324/1760);
  • Missed out on a Bovada Triple Up (4/9);
  • Busted a rebuy at a Final Table $1K guarantee (14/37);
  • Went deep in a Bovada $10K guarantee (36/1,219);
  • Had a third of the chips in play while we were still at two tables in a PPC Big O tournament but still busted short of cashing (6/17);
  • Got close in a $4K Bovada 6-Max (24/113);
  • Busted another Final Table $1K when a flush hit against my pair on the river (29/46);
  • Min-cashed a Bovada $5K guarantee (42/329);
  • Busted eight short of the money in the Final Table $20K getting in behind with AT v AxKx and chopping the pot with two pair until a river king (28/134);
  • Screwing up a lock on a satellite ticket to the Bovada $500K guarantee when I didn’t just sit on my hands with QxQx. 50 spots to go to a 100-seat guarantee with massive overlay and I had over chip average. Dolt. (148/552)
  • Played one hand in a satellite to the Bovada $250K (14/16);
  • Didn’t quite make it in another Bovada $10K nightly (329/1462);
  • Busted Event #4 (Limit Omaha Hi-Lo) at the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up just before the bubble (24/202);
  • Got my aces cracked in a ten-seat single-table satellite for a $200 ticket and ended up in third (with two places paying) after managing to battle back from the brink a couple of times, went out in another in 8th;
  • Crashed out of the HORSE tournament at Wildhorse in four hours;
  • Turboed my way out of the NLHE Turbo evening game;
  • Had two losing sessions in cash games at Limit Omaha Hi-Lo and NLHE;
  • Min-cashed a Bovada $10 buyin Turbo.

Wildhorse Early Results

The HORSE tournament’s still playing out as I write this, but here are some payouts for the first four events.






WSOP November Nine

Congratulations to the newest World Series of Poker Main Event Champion, Joe McKeehan, and to Whitney Langwell of Eugene, one of the featured dealers on the final table starting rotation!


Deal of the Day: Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza IV/World Series of Poker Circuit, Planet Hollywood

Retreading a Deal from back in early October, two major events in Las Vegas that I know a lot of people are going to already.

The DSE has been going since late last month and continues through the last day before Thanksgiving. In addition to a lot of smaller events ($10K-$20K guarantees), there are four big multi-entry-day events left: two $150Ks ($250 buyin), a $500K ($1.6K), and a $100K with a $400 buyin. Plus satellites.

The WSOP Circuit event in Vegas starts with a $580 buyin $500K guarantee that has entry days with two flights each tomorrow through Saturday. It culminates with a $1.5M guarantee Main Event next weekend, for a $1,675 buyin.

Double Deal

I’ve also mentioned the end-to-end series in Northern California through the middle of the month, with an Ante Up Poker tour series at Thunder Valley outside of Sacramento following on the heels of a WPTDeepstacks series at Win-River Casino in Redding. Win-River juiced the pot last week by offering free rooms to players who pre-register for the Main Event.

This Week in Portland Poker

Only a Day Away

Check out the Pacific Northwest Tournament Calendar for more poker.