PNW_WSOP_15 Summer Series Report for June 26


photo credit: Ante Up Poker Magazine

Grand Poker Series Event #48 $240 Big O

Normally, I lead with WSOP reports, but all congratulations to Dan Butcher of Portland—the man who taught me that queen-ten was the nuts at Portland Players Club (back when he still deigned to play NLHE) and self-acknowledged King of Big O—for winning the 133-entry Big O tournament at the Golden Nugget. Taking third place was M. Tucker of Washington. Matthew Yurkewecz of Portland came in 13th.

WSOP Daily Deepstack $235 6/24

Douglas Carr of BC cashed in second place out of 857 entries, with Michael Pollowitz of WA also making the final table at sixth. Ivan Pearson (OR) placed 34th, with Daniel Posey (ID) coming in 39th. Laszlo Somogyi and Dong Guo (both BC), and Christopher Hogue (WA) finished out the PNW cashers in 78th, 86th, and 90th.

WSOP Daily Deepstack $135 6/25

Christine Lester and Wai Lim, both of Washington, placed 7th and 8th.

WSOP Daily Deepstack $185 6/25

Cornelius Manu of Oregon was the only PNW player to make the money, placing 8th of 236 entries.

WSOP Daily Deepstack $235 6/25

872 entered, making a prize pool of $166K. Anthony Golden (WA) took 3rd for $14.7K and was the only PNW player to make the money. A chart of the Daily Deepstacks prize pools is here.

WSOP Event #49 $1.5K PLO8 Day 3

Portlander Joseph Haddad made the official final table of the PLO8, surviving getting quartered by George Danzer and Conor Drinan to outlast the likes of Vanessa Selbst and Erik Seidel.

In the Money Finish PositionRank End of Day 2Rank End of Day 1PlayerStateChips End of Day 1Chips End of Day 2
91678Joseph HaddadOR31,300174,000
2530Thomas TaylorBC56,000
3915Adam CoatsWA70,800
4829James RoullierOR56,700
524Scott ClementsWA119,000
5475Quang TruongWA32,000
7581Phillip RileyBC30,400
8786Srider NadarajahOR28,300
89128Louis PicconiID18,300
132Jacob PanzeriID17,000
141Dylan LindeID12,000
143Noah BronsteinWA11,600
147John MurphyWA10,300

WSOP Event #50 $10K Limit Hold’em Day 3

Coming into Day 3, Ian Johns of Washington had 21K left, with the blinds at 6K/12K and limits at 12K/24K. Not even a single big bet. But he doubled on the second hand of the day,  which put him in a position to outlast Brian Tate, who started with only 70K. In the end, he got the same amount of money for 10th, but makes his fifth and largest cash of the series. Terence Chan (BC), the co-host of the 2+2 PokerCast, is the first player to be eliminated from the official final table, after his kings are brutally cracked when he and Ben Yu (the winner of the event) are all-in after the flop and Yu catches a river gut-shot to make a straight.

WSOP Event #51 $3K NLHE 6-Max Day 2

6-Max is a volatile format, and while 13 PNW players started the day, with Gareth Struivig De Groot (BC) leading the group in 13th place overall, only three cashed on Day 2, and De Groot just made the money at 103rd. Rep Porter (WA) is the sole PNW player remaining in the 35 coming back for Day 3; he’ll be making his fifth cash of the series in this event.

In the Money Finish PositionRank End of Day 2Rank End of Day 1PlayerStateChips End of Day 1Chips End of Day 2
22177Rep PorterWA39,300335,000
47199Tyler PattersonWA33,400
48259Rob TepperWA18,500
10313Gareth Struivig De GrootBC122,000
24Ami BarerBC105,900
98Matt JarvisBC62,100
106Jonathan ClancyOR59,200
127Noah VaillancourtBC51,400
141Dan MartinOR48,000
149Donald FlemingWA45,300
243Dylan LindeID23,400
262Travis MooreWA18,100
281Adrian ThomasBC8,600

WSOP Event #52 $1.5K Dealers Choice Day 2

Kevin MacPhee (ID) cashed in 18th place; Shane Abbot (WA) took 22nd. Scott Clements is the last player remaining in a field of 11, as Robert Mizrachi attempts to win this event again.

WSOP Event #53 $10K/$1K NLHE Ladies Day 1

I still think the innovative way the WSOP addressed the issue of jerks entering the Ladies tournament—by giving women a $9K discount—deserves a laugh or two. Guys entering the tournament was like a guy demanding discount drinks at a bar’s Ladies Night: the whole point is to draw women in and expand the customer base, not to give them something special because they’re women.  If there was a desperate need to increase the number of customers who are jerks, there’d be Jerk Night at bars or a Jerks tournament at the WSOP. Enough soapbox.

Seven women from the Northwest made it through Day 1 of this event. 121 players are coming back, but only 81 get paid. More than half the players are from British Columbia: Mandy Jimmie (20th), Parminderjit Mehmi (34th), Marie Jespersen (45), and Wing Chan (53rd). Yian Saelee (59th) and Rita Keizer (94th) are from Washington. Susan Sowards (40th) is the long Oregonian.

WSOP Event #54 $10K PLO

Not a lot of PNW players in Day 2 (though there were plenty of PNW dealers at the tables. Steven Marx (34), Yevgeniy Timoshenko (103), Charles Coultas (110), and Noah Bronstein (111) were those making it from Washington. And Michael Baxter of British Columbia is in 39th. There are 134 players remaining; 40 get to the money.

Today’s Las Vegas Series Events

  • At the WSOP today it’s the start of the $1.5K DraftKings NLHE. A quarter of the players get paid $1K (losing only $500), another 15% make their buy-in back, and the rest of the prize pool gets paid out on the normal schedule. The evening game is the $5K NLHE Turbo. Tomorrow is a $1K NLHE, followed by the $111,111 Big One for One Drop High Roller.
  • It’s the final $1.6K flight in the Venetian $500K NLHE. No evening event today. Tomorrow is the first of three days of entry flights for the a $250K guarantee with $600 buy-in, and the first of two $600 flights in the $100K guarantee Omaha Hi-Lo tournament.
  • Planet Hollywood runs the last flight to the $1M guarantee $1,150 NLHE tournament. This afternoon is their $250 LIPS National Championship, but the time has been pushed back to 3pm. Tomorrow’s only event is a $400 buy-in $200K guarantee that plays out in one day.

  • Aria has a $235 NLHE game at 1pm and a $150 NLHE at 7pm. There’s a $135 Ladies Survivor tournament tomorrow at 1pm, and the usual $150 NLHE at 7pm.
  • The Wynn Summer Classic has $300 NLHE with $25K guarantees today through Monday.
  • A t the Hollywood Poker Open (M Resort) a $125 Turbo satellite to the 1pm $555 Seniors tournament has already started. There’s a $235 NLHE game tonight at 6pm and another tomorrow at 1pm.
  • The Grand Poker Series is running their $240 Ladies tournament and a $350 NLHE Bounty ($100 per knockout). Tomorrow is the beginning of the final $350 entry $100K guarantee tournament.
  • Binion’s Poker Classic has a $10K guarantee $160 NLHE game every day through Monday.