Flushed Out

Second shot at the Irish Open quarter final tournament tonight. 22 hands in and I pick up AhQd in the big blind (at 15/30). I’ve got a couple thousand chips, there are only eight people left in the tournament. Three players limp in, the small blind folds, and I raise to 165. All three limpers call the raise.

The flop shows qh3hJh, pairing my queen and giving me a nut flush draw. I bet 300 into the pot of 675. The first limper folds, the second calls, and the third goes all-in for 1,685. I call and the third player pushes his stack forward to make the total 1,840. I’ve only got 180 chips left, with just 25 behind if I make the call, but I’ve got the nut flush draw, right?

Of course, that draw would be a lot easier to make if my opponents’ hands hadn’t turned up as Th8h and 6h7h. With more than half the hearts on the table already, the chances of one showing up on the turn or river were somewhat diminished.

Maybe next time.