Automatic Schmuck — May 2023

Not a huge amount to report for May, I was saving up my poker time away from home for a trip to the World Series of Poker in early June (I’m already back), and there was some family stuff going on, so I only played one tournament outside the house.

Ignition NLHE Jackpot Sit-and-Go

I played 71 of these in May, a little more than two per day. Won in 26, which puts my cashing rate at 37%. Since these only pay double the buy-in most of the time, that’s not enough to be profitable, since the break-even point is an unsustainable 50% cash rate (even with only three players that’s not really realistic.What makes them at all profitable that eight of my wins were 5x multipliers, so I won 76 buy-ins for my 71 entries, a whopping 7% profit.

Vic’s Patio NLHE

This is one of the venues for the home game I started in, which is still a $30 tournament with a $5 add-on. I made it down to 3-handed (out of 8) after a re-buy, then lost a hand where I was ahead to Daryl and left with a cash but no profit.

Beaverton Quarantine

Friday night PokerStars Lite (and sometimes Zoom) games with friends of a friend. They do two or three games a night, and I took second in the NLHE tournament I played, then won the PLO8 game they called after that, and a NLO8 game the next week. Three for three on the month.

So May was marginally profitable. That was soon to change!