PNW Poker Leaderboard — 12 June 2022 — Clearing the Decks

I had to make a decision about the Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard going into this year’s World Series of Poker. It’s a lot of work. There are only so many of you reading it. And with all of the people from the Northwest doing so well out there in the wide world of poker, each edition gets pretty repetitive. I’ve run completely out of ways to describe peoples’ advances up the Leaderboard. Maybe I’m just lazy.

So rather than further tighten the requirements I use to decide who gets reported on, I’m changing up the format a little bit (the other option in my decision was to just stop doing the Leaderboard). So what you see below is what we’ve got for now.

All your favorite info is still here, organized, loosely in the order of the amount of money won in the reporting period. (which varies according to when I can get things together), You’ll find the bigger cashes at the bottom.

  • Name and home town (according to the player’s Hendon Mob profile).
  • The player’s most recent ranking in the PNW Poker Leaderboard in italics. If this is their first time on the Leaderboard, an em dash ()
  • Their new standing in bold, preceded by the pound sign (#).
  • Their change in status on the Leaderboard (with an arrow indicating up or down), or a black club (♣) if this is their first appearance.
  • For each of the tournaments that are being recognized in this Leaderboard:
    • The name and link to the Hendon Mob listing for that tournament.
    • The player’s finishing position in the tournament and thge number of entries.
    • The tournament prize pool in US dollars.

As always, this info is gleaned from the Hendon Mob state and province lists for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Alberta and British Columbia. The Leaderboard tries to recognize players who’ve had a significant cash: the gross amount must be more than $10,000 and four times the buy-in. Mistakes will be made and I apologize for any that creep in. I just do this for the fun of it!

Bob Petty (Richland, Washington)
3rd of 459 entries, $89.2K prize pool
Neil Michael (Albany, Oregon)
1st of 227 entries, $45.1K prize pool
John Veenhouwer (Spokane, Washington)
2nd of 342 entries, $66.9K prize pool
Ghulam Mirza (Kennewick, Washington)
4th of 465 entries, $137.5K prize pool
Mohammed Ghulam Mirza (Kennewick, Washington)
5th of 427 entries, $212.8K prize pool

I’m pretty sure this player is the same person as the previous player, just reported on two different Hendon Mob profiles. If they were properly combined, their Leaderboard rank would be #872.

Michael Bernstein (Edmonton, Alberta)
1st of 90 entries, $32.6K prize pool
Gregory Allen Jackson (John Day, Oregon)
2nd of 405 entries, $78.9K prize pool
Bryce Clark (Powell Butte, Oregon)
3rd of 356 entries, $106.4K prize pool
Angel Iniquez (Richland, Washington)
2nd of 354 entries, $69.2K prize pool
Hilda Solorio (Grandview, Washington)
2nd of 459 entries, $89.2K prize pool

This is Solorio’s first Hendon Mob cash.

David Villemeyer (Corvallis, Oregon)
1st of 342 entries, $66.9K prize pool
Matthew Little (Seattle, Washington)
1st of 354 entries, $69.2K prize pool
Michael Curtis (Rainier, Oregon)
3rd of 465 entries, $137.5K prize pool
Jaspal Brar (Edmonton, Alberta)
1st of 142 entries, $52K prize pool
Tyler Warken (Calgary, Alberta)
3rd of 202 entries, $150.1K prize pool
Jeffrey Lindsey (Auburn, Washington)
2nd of 356 entries, $106.4K prize pool
Eli Katzman (Boise, Idaho)
1st of 405 entries, $78.9K prize pool
Brian Barker (Portland, Oregon)
4th of 427 entries, $213K prize pool
John Goertzen (Walla Walla, Washington)
1st of 459 entries, $89.2K prize pool
George Kenny (Allyn, Washington)
1st of 356 entries, $106.4K prize pool
Binh Nguyen (Beaverton, Oregon)
9th of 5608 entries, $2M prize pool
Kyle Ho (Burnaby, British Columbia)
2nd of 202 entries, $150.1K prize pool
Vic Hipp (Napavine, Washington)
3rd of 427 entries, $213K prize pool
Paul Barnett (Condon, Oregon)
1st of 465 entries, $137.5K prize pool
Brandon Sullivan (Auburn, Washington)
2nd of 427 entries, $213K prize pool
Glenn Miller (Mukilteo, Washington)
1st of 427 entries, $213K prize pool
Jaime Cervantes Alvarez (Vancouver, Washington)
4th of 747 entries, $5.4M prize pool

It was great to see someone else from the Portland area make it to the world poker stage. It was just February of last year that Alvarez first appeared on the Leaderboard, with a cash at a Venetian event that was just a little too small to meet the guidelines, but which I put in because there wasn’t a lot of poker going on. His first ranking was #4354; now he’s in the Top 100.

Christopher Brewer (Eugene, Oregon)
1st of 36 entries, $1.2M prize pool

Brewer continues a relentless march up the Leaderboard, passing Dylan Linde.

Seth Davies (Bend, Oregon)
1st of 40 entries, $1M prize pool
Seth Davies (Bend, Oregon)
3rd of 40 entries, $4.9M prize pool

Davies continues to put space between himself and everyone else.