#PNWPokerCal Planner for 17 October 2018

2018 Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic

It’s here again! The Fall Coast Classic is my last planned excursion before the Poker Mutant phase of my life is over, and I’ll be in Lincoln City from Saturday morning through to at least Day 1 of the Final Event.

The series kicks off with 2-day $150K GTD NLHE tournament: $255 entry (15K chips) with re-entry through level 6, $25 fee, $10 dealer appreciation (2K chips), and a $100 addon (10K chips). Day 1 starts at noon on Saturday, with Day 2 at 11am Sunday.

Saturday through Tuesday at 6pm there are satellites for the Final Event with 10-Seats GTD. The prizes are vouchers worth $575 toward the Final Event buyin. Buyin (and rebuy) is $30 6K chips), with a $10 fee and $10 dealer appreciation (1.5K). 10K chips for the $30 addon after registration closes.

Sunday and Monday at noon are two nearly-identical events: $75K GTD NLHE for just $190 entry (10K chips), $10 fee, $10 dealer appreciation (2K), and an addon for $100 (10K). Sunday’s game allows re-entry; Monday’s is no re-entry.

Tuesday at 11am things slow down a little, with a $25K GTD NLHE Seniors. For players in the 50+ age category, the buyin is $110 (10K), $10 fee, $10 dealer appreciation (2K). Re-entry for six levels but no addon.

Wednesday at noon is $15K GTD Omaha Hi-Lo. Also a freezeout, with $140 buyin (10K),  $10 fee, $10 dealer appreciation (2K).

Wednesday and Thursday evening at 6pm are 5-Seat GTD satellites for Friday’s High Roller 6-Max tournament. Buyin is $120 (6K chips) with $10 fee and $10 dealer appreciation (1.5K chips). Reentry through level 6, with prizes being $1,075 toward an entry into the 6-Max. Presumably, the satellites will be played as 6-Max.

Thursday offers two mid-day options. At 11am is the $50K GTD NLHE Big Bounty and at 1pm it’s the $25K GTD Big O. The Big Bounty game is single re-entry, with a $625 buyin (including $200 bounty) for 25K in chips, $25 fee, and $10 dealer appreciation for another 5K in chips. The Big O tournament is unlimited rebuy with an addon: $140 buyin  (10K chips), $10 fee, and $10 dealer appreciation (5K chips). Addon after registration closes is $80 for another 10 in chips. This and Wednesday’s Omaha tournament are the two non-NLHE offerings on the schedule.

Friday noon is the largest buyin event of the series: $100K GTD NLHE 6-Max. Reentry for 6 levels, with $1,025 buyin (40K chips), $50 fee, $25 dealer appreciation (10K chips).

Friday evening at 6pm is the Final Event 20-Seat GTD Mega Satellite. $140 buyin (10K chips), $10 entry fee, $10 dealer appreciation (2K chips). payouts are vouchers for $575 against the Final Event buyin.

The final Saturday morning at 10am is a Final Event 5-Seat GTD Turbo Satellite. $50 buyin (10K), $10 fee, $10 dealer appreciation (2K). This also pays $575 vouchers.

The $200K GTD Final Event starts at noon the same day (with Day 2 on Sunday). You get 30K in chips for your $525 buyin and $50 fee, another 10K in chips for the $25 addon, and 30K for the $200 addon available after registration closes at the end of level 8. There is no reentry for this tournament!


I ran the scripts to generate the leaderboard stats yesterday morning, so this hadn’t posted yet, but:

From worldpokertour.com, 15 October 2018

Congrats to Max!

Results from the Muckleshoot Fall Poker Classic just posted and the winner of their Main Event is naturally near the top of the leaderboard new mentions this week. Santosh Singh of Seattle is extra-near because not only did he win the 2018 Fall Main Event, but Hendon Mob is just posting that he cashed in 3rd place for almost as much money in the 2018 Spring Main Event. Those are two of his three recorded cashes.

Sean Vance from Tacoma cashed twice at the Classic, taking 8th in Event #2 $100K GTD NLHE and 3rd in the Main Event (also 2 of only 3 recorded cashes). Thomas Hess of Puyallup picked up 4th in the Main Event for his 4th cash.

Dennis McLeod (Federal Way) won Event #5 $100K GTD NLHE after placing a respectable 15th in Event #1. Edmonds’ Sharlene Fowler doubled her number of cashes with 5th in Event #5 and 1 12th in Event #2. Rich Bustamente of Lake Forrest got his first cash with 3rd place in Event #2, and James PraseuthEvent #1 $80K GTD NLHE from Tukwila did the same with a win in .

On the side ot the familiar names, Dylan Wilkerson went across the Pacific for WPT Vietnam and the Asian Poker Tour where he racked up four cashes over a couple of weeks, including 7th in the WPT Vietnam Event #10 ₫ 44,000,000 NLHE High Roller (the Vietnamese dong is about 23,000:1 against the US dollar, so the buyin was just under $1,900); 2nd in the Asian Poker Tour ₫ 100,000,000 + 7,500,000 NLHE Super High Roller, and a win in the Asian Poker Tour Event #7 ₫ 50,000,000 + 4,000,000 NLHE High Roller.

Lynnwood’s Josh Sepulveda won Event #2 at Muckleshoot for his largest-ever cash. Casey Ring (Salem) came in 6th in the Muckleshoot Main Event. Jake Dahl picked up 2nd in Event #5. Adam Coats had four cashes in the six-event series: 11th in Event #2; 2nd in Event #4 $15K GTD PLO; 18th in Event #5; and 4th in Event #7 NLHE Shootout.

Chad Wassmuth went down to Las Vegas for the Wynn Fall Classic $150K GTD NLHE and picked up 5th place.

And to wrap this edition of the leaderboard up, Ronald Lemco took 2nd place in the Muckleshoot Event #1.

My Time Is Coming

From an in-the-money standpoint, my week went pretty well! I only played nine tournaments but I cashed twice. Unfortunately, they were both on the small end of my buyins.

I got to the Monday night freezeout at Final Table and got out with time enough to head over to Portland Meadows for their evening game, which went a lot better until the point where we were at 2 tables and a shorter stack with Jx4x shoved, and I called with A7, only to get cut down to 3bb when he made a pair.

The Friday night $10K GTD at Final table didn’t go well, either, with me making a couple of bad and frustrated calls when I knew I all I was beating was a total bluff.

Saturday night, I fired up an Ignition Casino $7 NLHE Jackpot Sit-N-Go and caught a $35 5x payout (the bottom level pays just 2x the buyin). I put that away quickly, then jumped into a $500 GTD PLO Turbo where I took 19/82 but no cash. The next night, practicing up for the limit Omaha game at Chinook, I late-regged an O8 game, and by the time the first break came around in about 15 hands, I had gone from 5K to 26K and the chip lead. I stayed at or near the lead for most of the rest of the tournament, then had a couple hands go wrong at the final table, ending up 6/57 for a small cash. A late entry after our Sunday dinner guests left went bad when I called with QxTx from the big blind, got to the turn with an open-ended straight draw and half my chips in the pot, then chickened out facing an all in on the river. The rabbit cam showed an Ax on the river that would have given me Broadway. I really should turn that feature off. The other two Ignition tournametns I played that night didn’t go anywhere.

Saving up the good play (or the luck) for Chinook!

Her Time Is Coming

I wold be incredibly remiss if I neglected to mention that poker superstar Jacki Burkhart submitted a story for the #mypokerstory PokerStars Platinum Pass competition curated by author Maria Konnikova. She’s one of six finalists for one of the $30K Platinum Pass packages ($25K buyin to a high roller tournament at the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure and $5K in expenses).

Only a Day Away

  • Bicycle Casino‘s Big Poker Oktober has one more $500K GTD event remaining on the schedule.
  • Canterbury Park Casino‘s Fall Poker Classic runs through 21 October outside Minneapolis.
  • WSOPC Chicago (actually northwest Indiana) is on, featuring a $1M GTD Main Event overlapping the first weekend of the Chinook Winds series.
  • Stones Gambling Hall Fall Classic runs to 21 October. The Main Event starts Thursday and is $500 for entry and $150K GTD.
  • The Bay 101 Fall Poker Classic Main Event ($1,100 buyin) has entry days on 20 & 21 October.
  • The Venetian October Extravaganza started Monday. There are a couple $100K events and a $150K, plus a couple Progressive Bounty tournaments.
  • The folks at Calgary’s Cash Casino Wild West Shoot Out need to get their web act together. The image they posted of their flyer is too small to read and isn’t linked to a larger version but PokerAtlas has it. It starts today and runs to the 28th.
  • Run It Up Reno has one of the more eclectic schedules with PLO KO, NLHE 6-Max, NORSE, 6-max HORSE(!) and a lot more, mostly for $125–$250 price points. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun. Starts Friday.
  • The Chinook Winds Fall Coast Poker Classic is Saturday! I’m so excited!
  • Muckleshoot Casino has a Big Bounty tournament ($200 buyin) on Sunday at 10:15am. Next Sunday is their $300 Deepstack.
  • The Liz Flynt Fall Poker Classic at Hustler Casino in LA starts Sunday. It features a $15K GTD Big O tournament on 24 October and a $375 buyin $500K GTD NLHE tournament starting 27 October with Day 2 on 2 November.
  • One of the smaller but nicer venues is WSOPC Lake Tahoe (or so I’ve heard). That kicks off 25 October, with the $1,700 buyin Main Event starting 2 November.
  • Up at Tulalip Casino, their Last Sunday of the Month tournament has $5K added, with a $345 buyin (including dealer appreciation).
  • The Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza IV  runs from 29 October through 25 November (Thanksgiving is the 22nd this year). The big event of the series is the $1,600 buyin $400K GTD Main Event starting 16 November.
  • 1 November is the start of the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up. This year’s High Roller is regrettably front-loaded, with the only super satellite on the opening night—Thursday (and no satellite the night before). $40K in added monies.
  • The HPT Championships are at Ameristar East Chicago starting 1 November. The Main Event buyin for this annual event goes up to $2,500.
  • If you’d rather be close to the ski slopes, Mid-States Poker Tour Colorado starts 1 November, as well, opening with a $150K GTD tournament and finishing with $300K GTD for a $1,100 buyin.
  • The Commerce Casino LA Poker Open starts 2 November. It features 18 events over 17 days, with a $500K GTD Main Event.
  • Just west of Edmonton, Alberta, River CreeKing of the Felt Deepstack Championship resort hosts the  starting 3 November, with seven events including PLO, NLHE/PLO/Crazy Pineapple/Limit Omaha Mix, and 2 “Limited” Holdem events! Their C$1,100 Main Event gets you 125,000 chips!