Wyld Stallions

D’s Dealer’s Choice

I hadn’t played with the guys at this table for a few weeks due to a trip out of town and a holiday, but I was looking forward to it because I came armed with several new games I could use to annoy the ever-whiny A, who still bitches and moans about me introducing Badugi several months back. There were only three of us to start with, which made it perfect for Chinese Poker, which I’d seen at the Encore the other night but hadn’t ever played. Two other games I’d never played but cracked open for the night were Sweten—a split-pot combination of 5-Card Draw and Omaha that I heard about in an interview with Greg Raymer on an episode of Dennis Phillips’s Final Table podcast—and Double Flop Hold’em.

I was severely beaten during a round of B’s favorite: Kings and Little Men, where I ended up putting $28 into the pot after losing with two 2s in my hand and a 2 on one of the crosses. Combined with earlier losses, I was down almost $80 in a quarter-ante game (although they’re still telling tales of the night a K&LM pot went over $700) until I won almost the whole thing back in a single hand of unadulterated Pot-Limit Omaha.

I really hate wild cards.

3 hours. ROI: -20%.

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  1. Thanks for the link back, Poker Mutant. You’re welcome to join us if we’re playing Chinese. One of the great things about the game is people can play the extra hands for free (or smaller stakes) without disrupting things. We have all sorts of interesting variations, including Deuce-to-Seven in the middle, as well as Badugi up top.

    Finally, we’ve also been playing a lot of Badugi / Badeuci for fun lately (as well as other dealer’s choice games) when we get more than three or four people interested. Usually these are fun games (no $$) but most of us take them reasonably seriously. Don’t be shy, our dealers are generally pretty friendly and we’re always looking for new people to join us in our non-holdem games.

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