There’s Plenty of October to Share, Guys!

The cast just came off my wrist last week, so I’m not back in shape to take up my duties here at Mutant Poker Tower quite yet, but I have been trying to keep up the calendar (thanks to Nick Getzen for his kind words last week about its utility!) and somehow, three series of interest to PNW poker players coming up in the next quarter have managed to pick overlapping dates (once again).

Closest to home, the Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic has been on the calendar (20—28 October) for months. They released their tournament schedule a while back, and I’ve had it marked ever since.

The World Series of Poker Circuit Lake Tahoe dates (25 October—5 November) were announced along with the rest of the season just before the WSOP started in late May. The individual events haven’t been announced yet.

And this week, Run It Up Reno‘s dates were released (19—29 October) along with the event schedule.

So three of the only tournament series that run in my loosely-defined greater Pacific Northwest (including Northern California and Nevada) will be operating simultaneously for four days, and for another six days, at least two of them will overlap. There’s a fair amount of travel time between Lincoln City and Tahoe/Reno, and even just going from Harvey’s Lake Tahoe to the Peppermill Reno isn’t like shuttling between the Venetian and the Rio.

These guys are killing me.

Shout out tonight to Liz Brandenburg, recovering from surgery for a broken elbow (at least I hope she’s recovering, the last post I saw from her she’d been waiting for a few hours because they’d pushed back her surgery time). Also on this summer’s Poker Disabled List:

  • Dan “Goofy” Beecher, who broke some ribs falling off a deck a couple weeks after I fell off a deck;
  • Angela “Badass” Jordison, who unexpectedly tried cliff-diving on the wrong kind of cliff (way too far to the water).

Be  careful out there, and remember that poker rooms are much safer than the outdoors.

First Friday

I think this week marks the return of the Final Table First Friday $20K GTD after a WSOP hiatus. $100 buyin with 1 live rebuy and $50 addon.

Newly-minted WSOP Dealer’s Choice bracelet owner Jeremy Harkin is working to get a dealers choice game together Friday nights at Portland Meadows. See the NW Poker group on Facebook to find out details and availability.

I got the chance to play poker in Portland on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago (I’m usually doing stuff with family if I’m in town) and chopped the Portland Meadows $10K, then put my bump to work in the 5/10 game recorded for The Poker Guys‘ PokerTime YouTube show, playing with Jacki Burkhart (who’ll be on Poker Night in America  in a couple of weeks), former Portlander Jeff Dobrin (who appeared  on some of the previous game’s installments), as well as Jeff Mitseff and some of the other regulars from the show. While we’re waiting for that to drop, enjoy one of the recent eps.