Omaha, Yo!

Cake Poker Odesa Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max (20bb)

Just a very lucky first hand that didn’t look like much: KQJ5. I was BTN and put in 1bb as dead big blind. CO limped in, I checked, SB raised to 5bb, CO and I called. Flop was A7K and SB bet out 8bb. CO folded, I called, and the turn gave me an ace-high straight with T but put a flush draw on the board. It also ruled out a low. I had 13bb in already and SB bet enough to put me all-in to call. I gave the straight a shot, a 5 came on the river, and SB showed K6TA for two pair. I took the entire pot and left.

1 hand, 1 minute. +23bb.

Cake Poker Odesa Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max (20bb)

Turnaround from the previous game. In BB for the first hand with AQT2. You’d think it would look good, double-suited with a setup for the low. Holding QAT2, I called a raise to 2bb along with two others and the flop was 8A8. Not looking good for a low for me. I bet 2bb to see if I could take it but only one of the three other players dropped out. 2 turn game be aces up with a queen kicker and I opened with another 2bb. Both players stayed in. The river was 9, of no help whatsoever. I checked, then folded when BTN bet 8bb. He showed an eight for a winning set, UTG showed aces up with a king kicker.

Got a straight-heavy Q9T7 next hand on SB. I limp in after two others, BB raises to 2bb, and everyone calls. AK7 puts me one card from the nut straight or a flush. I open with 4bb, BB calls, and the other two fold. The turn 3 gives me nothing and I fold to a bet that puts me all-in, which was probably a mistake.

An odd little 4525 for my third hand. I min-raise and SB comes along. I get almost nothing on the flop of Q2J but I go all-in for 6bb when SB bets 5bb. He’s got my pair with better kickers, another pair, and a flush draw: 24J7. I’m praying for a 5x that never comes. Instead, we get AQ, which makes the deuces irrelevant.

3 hands, 3 minutes. -20bb.

Cake Poker Odesa Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max (20bb)

One hand makes the session. I’m BB on my fourth hand with T2JK. I’m heads-up with a limper. I hit two pair on the AJK flop and bet 2.5bb. HJ raises to 6.3bb and I call. I make a nut flush draw with 6 on the turn to go along with my potential full house or straight. I check, HJ puts me all-in to call and I pull the trigger. The river is J and my full house beats his 7QT8 straight.

5 hands, 4 minutes. +16.9bb.

Cake Poker Odesa Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max (20bb)

Straight and flushes in 465T. On SB on my third hand of the session. Five players in for the price of the bb. I make top two pair with the 753 flop and open with a 1bb bet. Only the BB drops out. T for the turn gives me a higher pair of pairs and I bet half the pot, 4.5bb. HJ drops out, so only three of us are there for the river card: K. I check, UTG checks, CO bets 15bb, and only I make the all-in call. CO has 3869 and may have miscalculated his hand. He only had a pair of threes but with three cards in his hand he had a ten-high straight. Easy to do in Omaha.

I lost 12bb on the next hand, got nearly 10 back the hand after thatm then lost four more before I left.

5 minutes, 6 hands. +21.3bb.

Cake Poker Odesa Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max (20bb)

A brief day of PLO wins came to a close with this crazy hand. I was UTG with 9Q45. Not a hand that gets into the books as the one you should play with. I limped in, HJ called, CO raised to 3.5bb, BTN called (and had already been forced with a small dead blind), the blinds and I called. Only HJ folded, and pre-flop there was 19bb in the pot. The flop cards were 63J. I had a sort of open-ended straight draw but not much else, and there was a flush draw on the board. The blinds checked and I bet out 4bb, nonetheless. CO called, but BB went all-in. I had squat so far, but I called for less. CO called, as well. BB had the nut flush, big-time with TA96. He even had three cards to a straight flush. CO was keeping BB from getting a royal flush with KAAK, and he had the best made hand at the moment, but he didn’t really connect with anything on the board. Q on the turn gave me an actual pair but didn’t do much for the hand as a whole. Then 4 for the river made me two pair and won me the main pot of 55.5bb.

6 minutes, 7 hands. +34.5bb.