The Midwest

Cake Poker Daily $800 PLO/8 Guaranteed (3,000 chips)

Tried this for a lark. First online cash play since Friday.

My first hand was TJ6Q as UTG in ten players at 10/20. I raised to 45 and there were three callers. Flop was JJ7 making me a set, and I half-potted to 105. One call. 3 on the turn, I bet the pot (420) and got a call. 2 for the river, we both checked, my set was the high hand and the other guy got a low. Most of the money in the pot belonged to us, so we only made a 60 chip profit.

Got 5J46 on the big blind. UTG raised to 70 and got three calls. SB re-raised to 440. I called and everyone already in the hand stayed in, so there were six players to the see the A87 flop. I had a low straight draw, when SB went all-in for 2,540 I called. UTG went all-in for less than the bet, UTG1 called, there was a fold, and BTN was all-in for another 10 chips. I called and UTG1 called. Turn was J, which didn’t do much of anything for me, but UTG1 raised his last 70 chips and I called with mine (he’d been the low I split the pot in the last hand). BTN showed AK65 for a pair of aces and one of my straight draws. SB had 3AJT for aces and jacks and an inside straight draw to the Jx. Things were looking grim for any real hand for me. UTG, with 3QKQ had to hope for a Tx to make Broadway to win. UTG2 had 9QTK to fill in the gap between the nut straight. The river was 4. Amazingly enough, I had a low hand with A4567 and took back my 70 chips from the last round of betting. BTN had the same low, and we split the rest of the low pots, with me taking a total of 3,905.

The fourth hand, I picked up QA53. I raised to 70 from BTN, SB re-raised to 120, UTG2 three-bet 460. Both SB and I called. 82T on the flop gave me the nut flush draw. I potted it to 1410, SB called for less, UTG2 went all-in for more than 5,500 and I called all-in. SB had J76A for not much of anything, UTG2 showed 48A2 for two pair. The turn and river were unclubbed: QK, turning SB’s not much into Broadway. He got the main pot of 5,130; the two-pair took 4,210 (a good bit less than he’d started the hand with, but then I got nothing).

5 minutes, 4 hands. First player of thirty permanently out because I refuse to rebuy.