#PNWPokerCal Planner for 31 May 2017


I’m going to mostly ignore this subject for a week. For one thing, I don’t know anything new. The Oregon Senate’s General Government and Accountability Committee had a work session scheduled for last week, but it was postponed. It’s back on the docket for today, with proposed amendments, the text of which I haven’t had the opportunity to process.

For another thing, I’m not getting this week’s piece started until late Tuesday. Holiday weekend, a last-minute decision to go to a concert with an old friend, and preparations to head to las Vegas this weekend for the opening weekend of the World Series of Poker. So let’s get to it.

Poker Christmas

Christmas has 12 days, but Poker Christmas last a month and a half. Just like the real Christmas, the good children get presents beyojnd belief and the bad children get lumps of coal in their stockings. That’s if they can still afford coal after the summer in Vegas.

Today is the very first bracelet event of the World Series of Poker. Other series have  been running for a couple of weeks, and Daily Deepstacks got going yesterday at the Rio, but 11am is the start time for Event #1: Casino Employees NLHE. If you’re not a casino employee, you can enter Event #2: $10,000 Tag Team NLHE. And no, that’s not the guarantee.

This weekend’s big event is Event #5: The COLOSSUS III – $565 NLHE. There are entry flights at 10am and 4pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Saturday is also Event #8: $333 WSOP.com ONLINE NLHE, the lowest-ever (so far) bracelet event, weighing in at a price lower than the WSOP Circuit Ring side events. It’s where I’m going to be.

For the full schedule of WSOP events, check out their schedule, or…

2017 Summer Vegas Poker

I’ve mentioned November Niner (one of the last) Kenny Hallaert’s regular summer spreadsheet before (it’s linked from the Calendar page), but I would be remiss not to trow out Kim Unger‘s Tableau dataset, which covers the same ground but in a somewhat different manner.

You can directly edit the valules in fields by clicking, rather than using the slider handles.

You can filter the schedule by type of tournament (daily, satellite, series), by date, buyin (althogh this could use some refinement), how many chups, level length, and rake percentage, as well as venue.

I don’t think there’s any relation to Stu Unger.

Ming Zhu, via the Venetian Poker Room blog.


I thought there’s be more action this week, but I miscalculated. The only big winner reported by Saturday was Portland’s Ming Zhu, nearly taking the trophy in the first event of the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza III, a $125K GTD, $250 buyin. Ming had 6.6M chips to winner Brandon West’s 8M when they went to heads up, and the players chopped, with West getting the trophy and 5% more money than Ming. (By the way, the Venetian Poker Room’s blog has moved from the antiquated Blogspot to WordPress.)

This Week In Portland Poker

It’s the beginning of the month, which means First Friday at Final Table, with the $20K guarantee, one of the best tournament values in the Northwest. $80 entry, $80 live rebuy, and a $40 addon.

Only a Day Away

  • We’re already more than a week into the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza III. There’s a sweet-looking $150K GTD Omaha Hi-Lo tournament with $600 flights on Friday and Saturday (it’s my plan if I bust out of the WSOP.com bracelet event before 8).
  • At Planet Hollywood’Goliath 2017, Sunday is the first of four flights for the $1M GTD Goliath Milly NLHE ($600 entry).
  • The Grand at the Golden Nugget is running now, and this weekend is a $100K GTD with just a $150 buyin. Six flights (3 on Friday, 3 on Saturday) at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. The Grand had a few large overlays on their big events in recent years, so it might be worth checking out, since this one is going to need more than 800 entries to break even.
  • In Los Angeles, there’s another $150 $100K GTD at the Bicycle Casino Summer Poker Series. Eight flights total from Saturday through Tuesday, and you get $1,200 for every extra stack that qualifies for Day 2.
  • The Aria isn’t doing anything big for a couple of weeks (now that the SUper High Roller Bowl is over), but they will have an 11am $465 HORSE tournament nect Tuesday, and PLO for the same price and time on Thursday.
  • There are two charity events at Binions on Friday and Saturday, then some HORSE (Monday, 11am, $$20K GTD, $230 buyin) and Omaha Hi-Lo (same, but Tuesday).
  • Opening weekend at the Wynn, there’s a $5K Survivor tournament on Friday ($400 buyin, cashing players receive $5K each) and a $100K GTD ($550 entry) on Saturday, MSunday, and Monday.
  • The Orleans  is running a Triple Stud tournament for just $150.

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!