Funding Third Place

Puffmammy Tournament 21 (1,500 chips)

Another grisly night as my three-month POY lead slips further into history. I had one premium pair the entire night, AxAx that I was in great position to call a series of three-bets leading to an all-in by G, to my immediate left. I had him covered, I had the best cards possible, and he was groaning when he saw what his KxKx was up against. Needless to say, another Kx showed on the flop and I was short-stacked. The other notable hand of the night I was holding KJ and that paired a Kx on the flop. Two other players (on a six-player table) had the other kings, one with a low kicker that gave him two pair on the flop, but 9x9x  on the turn counterfeited the lower pair and the pot went to the hand holding AxKx.

Two rebuys and an add-on only got me as far as 10th place out of 12. Third prize for the night equalled my contributions to the pot. D took first place and extended his POY lead substantially with a number of points for this one event equal to twice the points I’ve picked up in the past five events.

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