Chopped to the Felt

Full Tilt Step 3 Turbo

This was a match made in hell, or maybe it was limbo.

One of the players was taken out in the first few hands, doubling up the guy two seats behind me, but I got QQ on hand 9, pushing off another player with a 500 chip bet after the 646 flop and picking up a profit of 375 to put me in second.

Six hands later I get QQ. UTG min-raises to 120 and I make the same move I did with queens pre-flop before with a re-raise to 300. Everyone gets out of the way and UTG goes all-in. He’s got me covered but I call and he flips over QQ. The flop’s a rainbow, there’s no chance of a flush, and we make a big 45 chips each from the blinds.

I have to fold a couple of suited ace hands, including a Mutant Jack AJ when the flops don’t look good, and fifteen minutes in I’m down to seventh place with only 1,170 chips.

The blinds go through me, and have increased to 60/120 by the twenty-minute mark. I’m down to 8.5BB, there are still eight players, and I decide to play a marginal A6, after throwing away A6o the previous hand and eight hands earlier. I raise to 300 from UTG+1 and get a call from the big blind. The flop couldn’t be much better: K66. The big blind checks and I go all-in, getting a call. He’s got 6A, so we chop the small blind’s money and get 30 each.

The blinds are closing in on the next hand. I have 9A and raise to 300. The cutoff (the smallest stack) and big blind call. The flop is KTT and I try to bluff it with another all-in and the small stack calls. He’s got KQ. My nine pairs with 9 on the turn but the J river card gives him a straight and me nothing but 60 chips which disappear in the big blind on the next hand.

I won three showdowns in of 35 hands, had queens twice and three of a kind on the flop, but two of my three wins were essentially negated by draws. No ticket for this game. back to the bottom.