We All Fall Down

Full Tilt Step 3 18-Player (1,500 chips)

Never got a really good hand and nothing else connected. My only pair in forty minutes of play was 33 and the best suited hand I had was T8 which won me a big 120 chips. I only took two pots larger than 200 chips, when I opened with double the big blind holding KT and the small blind followed holding QJ then the flop dropped A7K and we both checked it down to the river, where my kings took it. I managed to push another player off a flop of 62Q holding 6A for 350 chips.

The end came trying to make a position play. The final table was just a couple hands in, and I was dealt AT on the button, holding 930 chips with blinds at 60/120. UTG limped in, action folded to me and I limped, the small blind came along, and the big blind raised to 240. UTG called and I shoved. Small blind dropped out, big blind called with 3.5K behind, and UTG folded. I was up against AK. Neither of us connected but I was out on the bubble and off the Steps ladder.