We All Fall Down

Full Tilt Step 3 18-Player (1,500 chips)

Never got a really good hand and nothing else connected. My only pair in forty minutes of play was [3c 3h] and the best suited hand I had was [tc 8c] which won me a big 120 chips. I only took two pots larger than 200 chips, when I opened with double the big blind holding [kd tc] and the small blind followed holding [qh jc] then the flop dropped [as 7c ks] and we both checked it down to the river, where my kings took it. I managed to push another player off a flop of [6c 2s qs] holding [6c ah] for 350 chips.

The end came trying to make a position play. The final table was just a couple hands in, and I was dealt [as tc] on the button, holding 930 chips with blinds at 60/120. UTG limped in, action folded to me and I limped, the small blind came along, and the big blind raised to 240. UTG called and I shoved. Small blind dropped out, big blind called with 3.5K behind, and UTG folded. I was up against [ah kh]. Neither of us connected but I was out on the bubble and off the Steps ladder.