Full houses were my bane in a tournament tonight. I called a bet on the turn with a straight in my hand and a set of threes for the bettor, then a queen on the river paired his other card, leaving me with just a bit more than the big blind, which was a couple of hands away from me. I managed to triple up going all-in with T7o and hitting a straight just before I was forced to take whatever I was dealt, but another full house in the next round took me down for good.

Full Tilt’s Midnight Madness was a bust tonight. Only big chip win in the 40 hands I played was with a Mutant Jack, then my king-high flush was beaten by an ace-high flush.

Progress or a breakthrough on the pre-flop odds calculator I’ve been working on (or not) since last Christmas (the original Objective-C files are dated Christmas Eve, 2009). Maybe more on that soon.