Played a variety of games last night at a cash game get-together with just six people. Stud games, wild cards, a couple of games I wish I’d never heard of. I went prepared with Council Bluffs, an Omaha Hi-Lo variant I read about where the top card permitted in the low hand is the river card.

On my first deal, though—after suffering through everyone else’s weird games—I specified a game I made up at the table in honor of the day. MLK: Omaha Hi-Lo with the black kings wild. The first time through was kind of a bust, nobody got a wild card, but near the end of the night when I brought the game back into rotation one of the players won big hands with it twice.

I managed to come out on the plus side on the last hand—after having a couple batches of chips wiped out—going all-in and getting two calls, then winning with two pair against a couple of flush draws.

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