52 Step-Up

I really can’t let a backlog like this keep building up!

Full Tilt Step 1 (1,500 chips)

Trying to get back on the Steps train. Lost 420 chips with J8 double-paired in my hand when the board went JT786 and my opponent went all-in on the river. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t take a chance on him having a 9. Lost half of my remaining chips when the board turned up four hearts and I backed down. I made it back up over 1,000 a couple of times over 35 minutes but it didn’t go anywhere.

Full Tilt Step Midnight Madness! (1,500 chips)

Thirteen minutes in, went all-in with TA on second pair and got caught by a AK with top pair.

Full Tilt $2,500 KO Guarantee (2,000 chips)

Only six hands. KK lost me 400 off the bat and AT double-paired on the flop lost out to pocket kings that tripped, likewise.

Full Tilt Step 1 Turbo (1,500 chips)

27 minutes. Finished fourth to get another Step 1 ticket.

Full Tilt Step 1 Turbo (1,500 chips)

Finished third after 33 minutes. Still at Step 1.

Full Tilt Step 1 (1,500 chips)

Three quarters of an hour and still only placed fifth. No better, no worse.

Full Tilt Step 1 (1,500 chips)

Guess I should have stuck with the turbo games. That and I shouldn’t play A5o or a pair of eights.

Full Tilt Step 1 18-Players (1,500 chips)

I like these two-table variations. For one thing, the top four slots make it into the next step. For another, there’s just more room to maneuver. I managed to bulk up early and stay near the top without making any dumb moves. Back to Step 2.

Full Tilt Step 2 Turbo (1,500 chips)

Half an hour puts me in third. I’ve been letting the two smaller stacks contest with each other, but call the big blind’s all-in with QJ and lose half my stack. No movement.

Full Tilt Step 2 18-Player (1,500 chips)

Disaster strikes. I pick up Q9 and the flop is 2Q3. I bet 200 from UTG (with 200 in the pot pre-flop) and get a call from the cutoff. As the 4 and then the A show he represents a strong hand but I don’t believe him. I should have, though because his 32 had me beat from the beginning. Off the steps again in seventeenth place.

Full Tilt Step 1 Turbo (1,500 chips)

I just maintain in this it seems like, but it’s enough to keep me in the running. Fifth place and a Step 1 ticket.