#PNWPokerCal Planner for 15 November 2017

Wildhorse Fall Poker Wrap Up

Results for all of the events at Wildhorse from last week have been posted, and they’re duplicated here. Entries were down for most events, despite the extension of the time for entry and re-entry. I don’t know what to make of that, in particular, though the series was up against two West Coast WSOPC events (Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas), a Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza, and the LA Poker Open overlapping either the entire series or one of the weekends.

Event2016 Entries2017 Entries2016 First Prize2017 First Prize2016 Prize Pool2017 Prize Pool2017 Winner
#1 $175 No Limit Hold'em - Fri612558$18,247$16,631$91,800$82,515Ryan Christopherson, Colfax, WA
#2 $230 No Limit Hold'em - Sat522503$20,102 $19,452$104,400$98,270James Morris, Olympia, WA
#3 $230 No Limit Hold'em Shootout - Sun240192$9,940 $7,710$48,600$39,980Michael Foti, Tigard, OR
#4 $230 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - Mon228196$10,425 $9,911$46,320$40,240Cornelio McLean, Tacoma, WA
#5 $230 HORSE - Tue (2016)
#5 $230 Big O - Tue (2017)
122132$6,285$6,519$26,677$28,080Robert Mitchell, Salt Lake City, UT
#6 $125 No Limit Hold'em Turbo - Tue161190$4,995$4,762$ 16,465$19,050Jose Gomez, Grandview, WA
#7 $230 No LImit Hold'em Seniors - Wed324290$13,845 $13,625$64,800$58,100David Mallet, Point Roberts, WA
#8 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em High Roller - Thu8861$21,000$15,646$88,000$57,950Carl Oman, Vancouver, WA
#9 $230 No Limit Hold'em - Thu318326$13,696$13,975$63,600$64,940Mel Hoelzle, Boise, ID
#10 $340 No Limit Hold'em - Fri474441$29,443$27,778$142,200$130,685Angel Iniquez, Richland, WA
#11 $550 No Limit Hold'em Main Event - Sat431401$45,402 $44,943$214,725$200,475Michael York, Twin Falls, ID
#12 $175 No Limit Hold'em Turbo - Sat119107$4,651$4,225$17,957$16,247Randall Palazzo, West Linn, OR

As mentioned last week, the 2018 Spring Poker Round Up dates are set for 5–15 April.

My Time Is Coming

After busting out of the Wildhorse Big O tournament last Tuesday, I played one of the final Ignition Golden Spade Poker Open events, the $15K NLHE 6-Max, making it about half-way through the field of 400, then jumped into their  nightly $8K NLHE (338/815), a $2,500 NLHE Turbo (130/229), and a $3K NLHE 6-Max (31/48) before finally just playing some online 4/8 Omaha Hi-Lo and making a whopping $10 profit. Woohoo!

I started off Wednesday morning with an online $1,500 PLO Hi-Lo, and when I didn’t get very far, I went down to the satellite room and played two $43 NLHE Satellites, busting in the first round on bullet 1 and pulling out a tricky comeback on the second. I was short-stacked through most of the game, then sucked out with QxJx against AxKx which managed to keep me alive into three-handed play, then I put a couple of brutal hits on the gentleman who was the big stack for almost the entire game and I ended up with two $100 vouchers for my entry into Event #7 NLHE Seniors.

I wish I could say more about how the Seniors tournament went. I had a good start, I know that much, with about three times the starting stack three hours into the game, with about half the field remaining. I spent a good portion of the first part of the game sitting next to Thomas Schultheis, who was the series champion a few years back, and who’s medium-distantly-related to me by marriage.

I went through something like six table changes during the course of the game—including ending back at the same seat in the middle of the room twice—and lost a third of my stack in a blind on blind hand to 2x4x just before dinner. We were in the money just before the 9pm (after a noon start and a 1-hour dinner break.

Went for two more hours, getting close to the final table when I shoved AxKx and got called by 9x9x. The flop of JxJxQx gave me the dreaded too many outs, and I just missed the unofficial final table and a sparkly hat. The big stack in the picture above belonged to Hamid Siddiqui, who went out just before I did, after suffering some major losses following the two-table redraw.

My High Roller experience the next day was short and ugly. I lost some chips early on, battled my way back to near starting stack, then picked up A2 in the big blind and called a raise along with three others. The flop was K6x4 and I called a bet, then an even bigger bet on the 2 turn (I was heads-up with the original raiser by this point). When the 2 came on the river, I stupidly though I was good with the trips, but my opponent had 6x6x in his hand and I was out after just ninety minutes. Congrats to my poker buddy Steve Myers for cashing 6th place, after arriving late because of a terrible wreck on I84 on the way out.

I went on a little bit of a rampage (not the kind where you make money) after the High Roller bustout: dropped a buyin at 0.1/0.25 PLO on Ignition, Got to 30/130 in a $2,500 NLHE,  then 45/84 in a 4K NLHE 6-Max. Went downstairs and bought into the 10/20 Omaha Hi-Lo game, was almost felted, got quads that brought me almost even, then ran it back down. And that was all mostly before dinner.

After dinner, I went back to the room and bricked 6 tournaments, including the Thousandaire Maker.

My poker travel partner, David Long, and I decided to head back to Portland Friday morning —we both had stuff crop up at home. I played some more online cash PLO, with mixed results, busted the Thousandaire Maker and a $4K NLHE Turbo, then min-cashed a 77-player $500 PLO8 Turbo. Saturday I played (and busted) three online tournaments, and lost a buyin at 0.1/0.25 NLHE Zone. Sunday, I was out of the Thousandaire Maker in two hands (he did have an ace; JxJx no good!) and a $5K NLHE, then there weren’t enough people signed up for the Thousandaire Maker to get it started, and I played a 6-Max (briefly) before doubling my buyin at cash PLO. That is all.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Kevin MacPhee was over in Rozvadov last week, defending the title in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker Europe; he just missed making the final table after Maria Ho drew out to a king-high straight to crack his kings. The other big cashes for the week were down in Las Vegas at the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza IV, where Darren Rabinowitz got 3rd place in the $200K GTD NLHE and Marco Garcia grabbed 2nd in a $100K GTD NLHE.

Pendleton results hadn’t posted to Hendon Mob by Sunday when the leaderboards are run; hopefully they’ll be there by next week!

New Session

Every Tuesday!

 This Week In Portland Poker

Regular schedules.

Only a Day Away

Series are starting to thin out a bit before the holidays.

  • The Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza IV weekend event is a $125K GTD tournament with a $250 buyin. Each of the three entry flights (Thursday–Saturday at noon) plays down to 5% of the field (10% of the field is paid, with $400–$800 paid to the players who don’t go through to Day 2). Monday and Tuesday are entry days for a $400 buyin with $100K GTD.
  •  The LA Poker Open Main Event ($1,100 buyin, $500K GTD) has entry flights Thursday–Saturday (1px, 1pm, and noon, respectively). It wraps up on Sunday.
  • The WSOPC Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood has a 6-Max ($365 buyin) tomorrow at noon, with flights to the $1,675 Main Event ($1M GTD) on Friday and Saturday,
  • The Lucky Chances 19th Annual Gold Rush finishes up this weekend with their $100K GTD to first place tournament ($1,080 buyin) at 9am on Saturday.
  • The Stones $100K Quantum has started. There are entry flights at 10am Thursday through Saturday, with a 6pm flight on Thursday.
    Stones is also running a $1K buyin Single Table Sit & Go on 22 November. First come, first served.
  • The last two Sundays in November mean the Big Bounty and Deepstack tournaments at Muckleshoot Casino. Both games start at noon on their respective weeks.
  • The Last Sunday of the Month tournament at Tulalip is an $820 buyin with a $75K GTD. 11am on 26 November.
  • The WPTDeepstack Championship starts the day after Thanksgiving at Thunder Valley. It opens with a $560 $100K GTD and closes with the $2,500 buyin $1M GTD championship at the beginning of December.

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!