#PNWPokerCal Planner for 18 October 2017

Tedder On Tour

Elizabeth Tedder Wants Her Friends to Experience the WPTDeepStacks Europe WPTDeepStacks WPTDeepStacks Netherlands Season 2017-2018 1B 100/500/1,000

After making the final table in Morocco, Liz Tedder popped up to southern Holland via Brussels to play in the WPTDeepstacks Holland. She made Day 2 but not the money, though she did get a little bit of press on WPT.com for her efforts. She’s home now (after a stopover in Iceland), despite my entreaty to extend the run.

He’s a Reporta and a Playa

Hopefully, I’m not blowing his cover, but one of the guys I worked with during my dalliance with poker reporting last year just moved to town a couple of weeks ago. Folks who’ve played World Series of Poker events may recognize Sam Cosby, and you’re likely to see him at the tables in-between trips to exotic locales like South America, Europe, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. Monday, he even came to the home game I started out at (we both busted before the money).


Portland Meadows Freezeout Series

The series starts tomorrow, with a 6-Max tournament at noon, and a Big O tournament at 7pm. All eight tournaments are true freezeouts, with no re-entry, no rebuy, and no addon. I can hardly wait.

The Crazy Session Continues

Episode 4 of the second session of Poker Time is out. I’m not sure if this is the one with Jar Jar Binks.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Just a couple of big cashes from established PNW players this week. Tyler Patterson notched 7th place at the Wynn Fall Classic Championship, and Matt Affleck took the first place prize.

This Week In Portland Poker

See the Portland Meadows Freezeout Series info above.

Only a Day Away

  • The Bicycle Casino /CardPlayer Poker Tour Big Poker Oktober is in its final days, The big games and mix games are over, but there are a couple of $25Ks and a $50K (and a Survivor) over the next few days.
  • WSOPC Chicago at Horseshoe Hammond Main Event ($1,675 entry with $1M GTD) starts Friday, with a second entry day on Saturday. You can actually still get a non-stop, one-way ticket for Friday as low as $240.
  • Run It Up Reno, at the Peppermill, has been running since Monday. It goes through the weekend and features Omaha Hi-Lo/Stud Hi-Lo 6-Max ($125) on Friday, a $600 entry, $150K GTD NLHE Main Event with starts on Friday and Saturday, $125 entryPLO/Big O with $5K GTD on Saturday, and lots more. If you want to get down there Thursday, start driving or you can take a flight for about $240. That’s the downside of last-minute travel shopping. Their game placards look very nice.

  • Thunder Valley Resort and Casino hosts the Ante Up NorCal Classic this week. There’s a $150K GTD Main Event with entry days on Saturday and Sunday, You can drive there in less than 10 hours if you don’t stop to pee (but you’d miss the Freezeout Series at Portland Meadows).
  • There’s another Venetian Weekend Extravaganza running through Sunday. The Adobe MAX conference is in the Venetian Conference Center, so if you’re in the graphics or document industry, maybe you can get your poker junket paid for…otherwise, at least a couple hundred dollars each way. The DSE IV gets going just a week later. The big event isa $400K GTD with a $1,600 entry (running during the week of the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up, naturally.
  • There’s a $500K GTD Main Event at the Liz Flynt Fall Poker Class in Gardena’s Hustler Casino, with $100K guaranteed to first place, but the series starts off with a $325 entry $100K GTD on Saturday and a $50K GTD ($300 buyin) on Sunday. The Main Event flights start Tuesday and run through Saturday; buyin is $325. It’ll be, let’s say—interesting—to see what the fallout is from the nearby Gardens Casino messing with their schedule last month when they fell short of a large guarantee. Direct one-way flights to LAX on Monday are still available for less than $100.
  • The Talking Stick Resort’s Arena Poker Room has its 2017 Arena Fall Classic this weekend. Three events with $200, $300, and $300 buyins and a total expected prize pool of about $120K.
  • WPTDeepstacks San Diego, at the Ocean’s 11 Casino is opening with the $75K GTD Haig Kelegian King of Clubs Classic ($300 with addon) and ending with a $200K GTD Main Event ($1,100).
  • One of the closest stops the WSOPC makes is in Lake Tahoe, and that’s coming up a week from tomorrow.
  • Mid-States Poker Tour Denver Poker Open gets satellites going on the day before Halloween (a week from Monday) and a $100K GTD event kicks things off that Thursday.
  • The Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up has $40K added to the prize pool, starts 2 November, and runs runs 11 days.

  •  The LA Poker Open has 17 days of play at the Commerce Casino starting 3 November..

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