From a friend of the blog…

THIS 2015 SAVE OREGON POKER BILL/DRAFT was the product of Encore/Final Table/Ace of Spades/others, driven by Chris Vetter (in addition to substantial leadership of G. Sugerman/others) several years ago that established a legal rake, allowed dealers to become employees & entirely eliminated any/all “gray” areas w/regard to the questionable legalities of Oregon Poker some have led you to believe. It was a counter measure to the previous attempted sabotage of Oregon Poker via La Center…..as La Center’s player attendance was dwindling, so they found a weakness in Oregon Poker via Salem. IT WAS NEVER RELEASED, but it should be brought back to life as it’s a very useful resource/guideline. Hopefully, the Portland community/poker club owners will unite to form an alliance via pooling funds, creating fundraisers, promoting organized letters & hiring the appropriate representation in Salem to show our legislature how they are being misled….in addition, to seriously considering taking this to the ballot box if can’t get traction in Salem. If the current Salem bill continues, the actions the legislature may adversely take will not only encourage underground poker rooms, but exterminate all options for poker players to enjoy their sport in a legal, safe, licensed environment. PLEASE READ…..PLEASE PASS ON! THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD BE VOTING ON!!!!! THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER!!

The proposals here—in bold as emendations to the existing laws—laid out some rules for the operation of poker rooms, including stipulations about square footage, allowing up to an 18% rake (yikes!), and allowing the hiring of dealers to get them out of the volunteer ghetto, among other things.