A Week Ahead

As a mostly live tournament player, it’s not often that I have a string of days with all positive results, but this week was an exception, even if I have to stretch a little on the “mostly”.


Started off with mediocre runs in a $4K and $1K on Bovada in the morning, then played a live tournament at Final Table that ended in a chop. Played the evening $7.5K on Bovada with no result.


Morning Bovada $4K, then first out in the Aces Full noon game. Pumped two rebuys and an addon into the Portland Players Club PLO8 noon freeroll, then played six hours to the chop Tuesday night at Encore Club.


First out of the PPC PLO (didn’t rebuy that day), then took 7th out of 135 in a Bovada $1K Turbo Knockout, where I also picked up three bounties.


Got close to the money in a 133 entry Bovada $1K PLO8 tournament. Got a bit too aggressive with acqc in the Encore $10K special when my opponent had axax. Played in the shootout for 75 minutes. Bought in for $200, Got up nearly $100, then immediately lost the profit when I called an all-in with qxqx, and jxjx flopped a set. Drifted under my buy-in. The guy with the jacks lost his stack. Got into a hand with the guy who took them when I called a raise with [qhjh] from SB. The flop was 9xjx4x. I check-call a continuation bet, I lead out on the 4x turn and get called by the original raiser with everyone else dropping out, and with a 6x on the river, I shove, he thinks about it a while, then calls for $150 and somehow I’m good. I cash out $250 up, play the 10pm $500 and bust out before break.


Get home from Encore, play a midnight Bovada $1K Turbo that pays 27, get down to 24 players and I’m in the top ten, then this happens. Drop into the $7.5K at 50BB late in the evening, and bust out fast, then cash for 400% profit in a $3K Turbo.

OK. So one of the days, my profit wasn’t a tournament, and a couple of the days the profits were online, but still a profit every day. I could get used to that.

Two Fer

The Poker Mutant is no Angela Jordison, but he’s had a couple of good poker days. Jordison is the Bend player who took the top prize in the first three events at the Wildhorse Spring Poker Round-Up over the weekend, in fields of 537, 448, and 215, respectively (with the last being a shootout format). All told, on a total buy-in of less than $600, she won nearly $38K, and essentially clinched the series champion spot before it was even half over.

My own accomplishments are a bit more modest. After ending up with the most chips in the Final Table tournament Monday, I headed to Encore for their $1500 guarantee Tuesday night. My initial table had a couple of players I recognized. On my left in seat 6 was a stocky guy from Eastern Europe, a buddy of his was in seat 8.

Early on, I picked up kxkx, raised, and called a re-raise from seat 8. The flop was jack-high, with a potential straight. I made a continuation bet of 1,500, and seat 8 raised again, to 3,500, which I called. The turn was ah, I checked, and he put out 5K. I folded my kings, and he said he had 3x4x.

A little over half an hour into the game, I raise 6d7d on the button over a couple limpers. Everyone calls. The flop is qdjd9d. SB bets 2K, then BB shoves all-in. Then the first of the limpers shoves. Then the second limper shoves. There’s three diamonds on the board and two in my hand. Four players with substantial amounts of chips in the pot and eight cards between them, theoretically, we could all have diamonds, but it seemed unlikely, so I shoved my chips in. SB folds. BB has top two pair, the first limper has a straight draw, and the second limper has a straight draw with the ad. Nothing gets there, and I take out three players because even though I lost some chips laying down the kings, I’ve recovered enough to be the biggest stack. I have more than twice the chip average.

Seat 8 is pretty aggressive, but he’s bleeding chips with bluffs into players who he shouldn’t be bluffing into. Eventually it’s my turn. I raise with axjx and he calls. We check a txtxkx flop. When I bet the ax turn, he raises me and I call. The river is ax, and I have the fourth nuts. He bets 5K, I call, and he folds.

By the time we get to the final table after four hours, I have a stack of 180K out of a total 850K chips in play. I build it up to 200K, and then tighten up (and go sort of card dead) for an hour. It takes from midnight until 1am to drop from ten to seven players. I have to make a couple of forays with marginal shoves to pick up some chips after blinding down to 160K, but soon I’m back up.



A critical point comes when I’ve drifted back down. We’re six-handed, the player to my right has been a bit overly aggressive and is feeling the pinch with about 90K and the blinds at 5K/10K/2K. I was SB, sitting on 160K, marginally the largest stack on the table, and BB was right behind around 140K. The button shoves, and I lay down 7x7x, thinking  I don’t want to be flipping for two-thirds of my stack, just outside of the scheduled payouts (we’d all agreed to bubbles of $100 for sixth and $50 each for seventh and eighth after playing for five hours). BB called him with 6x6x, a seven spiked on the flop, and I wasn’t the chip leader any more.

We played for a little while longer. There were two stacks below 8BB, and I think the big stack intended to see them drop off, but just before 2am the stack in third place doubled up through biggie into second place, we finalized the ICM chop we’d been discussing, and we went home.


Five hours and fifty minutes. 3rd of 38 entries. +864% ROI.

Monday, Monday, So Good to Me

Well, sort of good.

I’d been expecting to be in Pendleton Monday morning, playing Omaha High/Low, but circumstances late in the week before intervened and I had to stay in Portland. No shot at the High Roller this spring (unless something completely unexpected happens today).

I wrapped work up early in the day, then wandered over to Final Table for their first game. My first hand, I had 9x9x on the button. The blinds were 25/50 and UTG raised to 700, a tenth of the starting stack. I’d been in the exact same situation with a different player the week before (really, a lot of times), and I called it. The flop was 9x6x2x, he continued with a massive overbite of more than 2,500, I went all-in, he called with qxqx (the player the week before had aces) and he got stacked, then walked away from the table without rebuying. I knocked out another player (who did rebuy) before the end of the second level (he didn’t play his hand as poorly, he was short and just lost the hand), and while the rest of the tournament had the usual ups and downs, when we did a deal at the end, I had the most of the three players left.

Both this week and last, while I had the lead and could theoretically have asked for more in an ICM deal, the amount of money that would have been involved wasn’t really worth the hassle of holding out for more. The three-way ICM distribution yesterday, even with first place on the payout schedule being more than two-and-a-half times third place, and me having half-again as much as either of the other two players, had only about a $50 gap (ten percent of the scheduled first prize) between first and third. I said to just split it three ways evenly and, not surprisingly, they both agreed. There were only 51 big blinds in play. JB—who busted in third place before the deal last week after coming to the final table as the short stack—was knocked out again just before the deal.



Five-and-a-half hours. 1st of 35 entries. +600% ROI.

Running It Up

It’s a big week-and-a-half of Oregon poker coming up, with the spring edition of the Wildhorse Poker Round-Up starting tomorrow. I’m planning to head out Monday with some of the winnings from a fourth-place ICM chop in the Encore Club $17K guarantee special tournament a couple of weeks ago (and a first-place finish in the day-after-Easter $1K guarantee at Final Table). Min-cashed a $10K guarantee at Final Table the day before the Encore final table, as well.

This weekend at Wildhorse will have a couple of NLHE games but I’ll be making another stab at Omaha High/Low and HORSE, with my backup plan Monday night being the High Roller Super Satellite. Wednesday is the Seniors event or (if I’m feeling frisky) the High Roller, which is only $1,500 this time around.

A friend’s 50th birthday party precluded me from playing last weekend’s $42K guarantee at Encore, and I bricked out of the monthly $20K at Final Table in the third level the night before (then made my buyin back in an hour playing a shootout, I really need to play more cash games).


I was out of this pot by this time. The winning hand was [7x 8x].

Top Three Percent

Carbon Poker $1,500 NLHE

Another tournament that went well for the most part. I had the chip lead for a long portion of the middle part of the tournament, made only one really glaring misstep, then had the dirty done to me at the end, making it through nearly 97% of the field and still getting only a couple times more than my buy-in in profit, as opposed to the first-place payout of 90 times the buy-in. Frustrating.

Another frustration was the fact that the tournament lobby was out for most of the game. I could track my position with the statistics panel on the game screen, and I could calculate the number of entries by multiplying the chip average by remaining players and dividing by starting stack, but players had no way to know when the bubble was about to hit until we got instructions about hand-for-hand. The lobby never came back until we were at three tables left, after more than 60 players had been paid out.

Hand 3 jhqc UTG T3,000 15/30
I’m in seat 9, and I open to 90, getting calls from UTG3, HJ, CO, SB and BB. Nothing like a party. The flop is 5s9hjs and with 540 in the pot, I continue for 300, with UTG3 and SB dropping out. 1,740 in the pot on the turn 7c. I jam the rest of my chips in an over-bet, CO calls off with 8sas on a draw with 41% equity after the other two players fold, and when the 7h hits the river, I double up.

Hand 9 9htd UTG2 T6,915 20/40
UTG limps in, I raise to 120 and get called by HJ, BTN, and BB. UTG drops out. Top pair on the 2c6h9s board, BB leads out for 270, I call, along with HJ. 3d on the turn and BB checks. I bet 800 into a pot of 1,350. A call would leave either of them with 1,000 or less behind, and they both fold.

Hand 10 acjs UTG1 T7,875 20/40
I raise to 120 over an UTG limp. Calls from UTG2, BTN, BB, and UTG. td6sah on the flop and I bet 400 when it’s checked to me. Everyone folds.

Hand 15 4cad CO T8,315 20/40
A little lighter opening hand than usual, but action’s folded to me and I raise to 120. BB is the only caller. thaskd on the flop, he dons with 40 into a pot of 260 and I raise to 150. He calls. 6s for the turn. Again with the 40 bet. He only has 2,200 behind and I call. 7d on the river, he checks and I check behind in case he hit something. He shows down tc2c.

Hand 24 9ckc CO T8,585 30/60
A couple of quick table changes. There are only five players on the new table for the first hand. I open to 180 and get called by BTN and SB. The flop is jh6s7c. I continue for 300, BTN folds, then SB shoves 1,640 and I let it go.

Hand 35 4cqd BB T7,925 40/80
UTG3 and SB limp to a tdts4d flop. We all check. I bet 120 on the 7h turn and they both call. td on the river and I bet another 300. UTG3 has me outcropped by 3,000 is the only caller, he shows tcjs and takes the pot.

Hand 41 qdkc UTG T7,445 50/100/10
An open to 300 gets called by HJ and BB, both smaller than starting stack of 3,000. 9d6d4h on the flop, I bet 600 into the 1,030 pot and BB calls with 1,800 behind. I bluff 1,000 after he checks the ac turn and win.

Hand 42 jsah BB T8,765 50/100/10
I made a mistake with this hand, attempting to conceal its strength by letting HJ, CO, BTN and SB limp into the pot. Then again, the flop was ks2h9s, and I fold to a bet of 290 from CO, followed by a call from SB. As it turns out, I would have lost anyway, so I lose the minimum.

Hand 45 3d3s HJ T8,575 50/100/10
Again, not a hand I prefer to play, but aside from BB, I’m the player with the most chips still in the hand when action gets to me. I open to 300 and both blinds call. 990 in the pot on a flop of 2h6sjc, which gets checked around. SB bets 100 after the 4d appears on the turn, but gets raised to 695 by BB. I’m out; SB calls with just 435 behind, then folds to another bet after the ks river.

Hand 48 kdtc UTG1 T8,245 50/100/10
I raise to 300, HJ calls (with just 375 behind), as do the blinds. The flop is 8s5c9h and everyone checks. The 7h turn gives me the open-ended straight draw and everyone checks again. The straight’s completed with a 6s river. BB has 9K and opens for 645. I’m the only caller. I’m almost sorry to see he has the adjd Mutant Jack, but I’m happy to take the pot, which puts me close to 10K.

Hand 50 thqh BB T9,860 50/100/10
HJ opens to 265 and I’m the only caller to the ahqd6c flop. I call a c-bet of 330, then we check down the kc turn and 3c river. He has acjs and takes the pot.

Hand 51 acad SB T9,255 50/100/10
UTG2 (same player who opened last hand) opens again to 265, with 2,900 behind. BTN calls with 3,700 behind. I 3-bet to 1,000, getting calls from both. The flop is 4s9hks. UTG2 checks, BTN bets half his stack: 1,500. I shove, getting a fold from UTG2. BTN calls with kdjh, the nine pairs on the turn and the river is 3s.

Hand 52 qhqs BTN T14,423 60/120/12
I open for 360 and both blinds fold.

Hand 55 kcqs HJ T14,663 60/120/12
I open to 360, BTN calls. tc7h3c on the flop, I check-call a bet of 498. jh on the turn gives me the open-ended straight draw, and I check-call 1K this street. BTN has just over 3K behind. My straight gets there, but so does the club flush. I bet 3K and UTG calls after hitting a set on the river with 9s9d. He has 40 chips left.

Hand 56 tsah UTG1 T19,786 60/120/12
UTG limped in, I raised to 360. HJ called the raise and both BB and UTG came along. 7h6cqs on the flop and everyone checked. 9h for the turn, UTG shoved 2.6K, and I folded my overs. HJ went all-in with 5d3d drawing to a 4x or an 8x for the straight. UTG had the higher straight draw with 8d6h but won with just bottom pair after a qh river.

Hand 57 jc8c UTG T19,414 60/120/12
Only seven players on the table. I open to 360, BB is the only caller. I c-bet a 4h5h9d river for 460 into 864, and BB folds.

Hand 60 qcjc BTN T19,702 60/120/12
SB is dead. The player I pulled out the straight against is in the BB for his last 20. HJ opens to 360, both CO and I call. 8c8c2s on the flop, HJ shoves 2.8K with 9dad and wins the hand with two pair after a 7h turn and ac river.

Hand 62 7s7h HJ T19,312 75/150/15
UTG min-raises. UTG2 and I call. I’m pretty good with the 8h2d7c flop and bet 700 when it’s checked to me. UTG has 8.4K behind, and raises me to 2K. UTG2 folds, I shove and UTG calls off with 4c4d drawing nearly dead. 8c on the turn seals the deal and I pop up to the chip lead.

Hand 66 ksjd BB T28,618 75/150/15
CO limps, BTN raises to 450, SB folds, I call, CO folds. 4c3sad on the flop and I’m pretty much done with the hand. We both check through the 6d turn and 4h river, he shows ad7d and wins.

Hand 72 kdjs UTG2 T27,998 100/200/20
UTG1 opens for 600 and I call. HJ is all in for 3K. Action folds back to me and for 10% of my stack, I think I can afford it. The board runs out kcth9d2cqh. I’m good from the flop but get even better.

Hand 81 kc8c UTG2 T31,550 100/200/20
Table change. I open to 600 and get called by the BB, who folds to a c-bet of 800 on a as4skh flop.

Hand 90 jcjs UTG1 T31,940 125/250/25
A minor setback to my heater. I open to 750, UTG2 shoves 1.9K, action folds to me, I call, and his khkc wins.

Hand 97 8cah HJ T29,440 150/300/30
Dead SB and seven players at the table. UTG1 limps in from a 12BB stack. I call BTN limps and BB (a player with more chips than me) checks. The board runs out kd9dkcqs5s, it’s checked all the way down, and I win with ace high against BB’s 4s3c, 3d4d for UTG1, and BTN’s 6h8h.

Hand 98 ad2d UTG1 T30.5K 150/300/30
I open to 900 and get a call from UTG2 (we’re 9-handed again), then BTN shoves 7.9K. The big stack in SB calls and I elect to sit this one out, as does UTG2 (he’d be effectively all in to call). The smaller stack’s ahead pre-flop with acqd v thah, but a backdoor heart flush eliminates him.

Hand 106 thqd UTG1 T28.9K 200/400/40
Big stack at the table in BB (with dead SB again) has 43K. The other six players have between 6 and 12K. I open to 1200 and everyone folds.

Hand 110 7sks SB T29K 200/400/40
Action folds to me, I raise to 1200 and BB calls from a stack about my size (after tripling up in a hand with a set against two players who made two pair). He’s way behind on a flop of as6s7s and folds to a c-bet.

Hand 115 qdjh UTG1 T30.3K 250/500/50
UTG has just 6BB and limps. I raise to 1,500 and CO shoves for 2.1K. BTN and blinds fold, UTG1 goes all-in, and I call for another 3BB. UTG1 has kckd, CO has as8c. The board’s [8s7d5c3dad giving the shortest stack top two. UTG’s limped kings strategy gives him a little extra in the side pot, but he’s still less than 4BB.

Hand 118 9h5c BB T27.2K 250/500/50
UTG has picked up more chips and has about 47K, but the players in the blinds are re-entry or late entries, the other big stack has been moved, and nobody else has more than 12K. HJ and CO limp in, letting me hit bottom two on the 9sks5h flop. A loss to either player can’t take me below 20K, which is still above average, so I bet it for 1.7K and HJ calls. Then I shove the td flop and he folds to save his remaining 4K.

Hand 119 adqc SB T30.5K 250/500/50
BTN open-shoves for 2.1K and I shove over the top, even with the bigger stack yet to act. The run-out is 5h4h2d4c7c, and ace high wins again.

Hand 123 ksqh UTG2 T33.3K 250/500/50
I open to 1.5K and everyone folds.

Hand 131 jcqc CO T33.3K 300/600/60
HJ open-shoved for 3.8K, and for some reason, I folded this. The only stack with more than 8.5K was BB, at 18K, so maybe that was it. I folded 6h6c on the next hand, in what turned into a multi-way pot where I would have been way behind.

Hand 133 as8s UTG1 T33.1K 300/600/60
I opened to 1.8K. UTG2 called for two-thirds of his stack. BTN had 12K and called.  The flop was 5d8d2d and I bet 3K despite the flush. UTG2 folded with less than 2BB left, BTN shoved for a total of 10.1K, and I called. A flush draw would have gotten there, with ks9d on the turn and river, but BTN just had middle pair with ac5c.

Hand 142 tdjd UTG T46.8K 400/800/80
Open to 2.4K and everyone folds. The table’s just 5-handed because of a multiple elimination (by the player who would eventually knock me out of the tournament) a at the time nobody else has even a third of my stack.

Hand 143 7c4d BB T48.3K 400/800/80
BTN and SB limp in. SB bets at the 7d7h7s flop and I call with my quad sevens. He checks the 9s turn and I min bet. He folds.

Hand 148 9cas UTG3 T50.3K 400/800/80
Open to 2.4K and everyone folds.

Hand 150 9sqs SB T51.2K 400/800/80
The table’s filled back up. There are a couple other stacks in the 40K range, a couple at 20K and the others between 7K and 16K. UTG2 opens for 1.8K (20K behind), gets a call from BTN (11K behind) and me. 6.8K in the pot on a flop of 5d4sts. UTG2 continues for 3.4K, BTN shoves, I cautiously fold (despite, as it turns out having the most equity in the hand). UTG2 calls. My flush comes in on the as turn, which gives the all-in player two pair tdah against the jcjs of UTG2, who then spikes jd on the river for a set. Wouldn’t have beaten my flush, though.

Hand 153 tctd HJ T49.2K 400/800/80
Big stack in BB and two others at UTG and UTG1, though I still have a 7K edge at the table. UTG limps and gets raised by UTG1 to 4K. I call everyone else folds. The flop is 8cts4c and after a bet of 4.8K from UTG1, I raise to 15K. He folds.

Hand 155 jsts UTG1 T60.4K 500/1K/100
I raise to 3K and everyone folds.

Hand 163 tckh CO T60.4K 600/1.2K/120
Table change. SB has 1BB after ante. UTG has 19K, there are three other stacks between 34K and 40K. The others between 6K and 15K. I call a raise of 2.4K from one of the other big stacks, SB shoves 14.5K, and we fold.

Hand 168 ksqs UTG T57.4K 600/1.2K/120
Save situation, though one of the 30K stacks has doubled by taking a big pot, so he slightly outchips me. I raise to 3.6K, UTG1 is all-in for 780 (finally), and BTN shoves for 40 more chips than I put in. SB and I make the call. The flop is 6dkh5s and after a SB check, I c-bet to 7K. SB folds, UTG1 has tdqd, BTN has 2hac and the board doesn’t do anything strange, so I knock out two players.

Hand 169 6cas BB T67.4K 600/1.2K/120
CO min-raises (12.3K behind). SB calls (38.9 behind). I make a loose (for me) BB call. 9c4sjd on the flop and it’s checked. SB bets more than half pot on the qc turn, and I fold, followed by the original raiser.

Hand 180 jcqc CO T60.4K 800/1.6K/160
Action folds to me, I bet 4.8K, and BB calls. He checks the 2s6dkc flop, I go all-in and he folds.

Hand 193 kd6d BB T62.6K 1K/2K/200
A stack twice my size has moved into seat 2 and limps in from HJ. SB calls with about three-quarters my chips. The flop is ksqs2c, I bet half pot, HJ calls, and SB check-shoves to win.

Hand 195 7c7h UTG2 T61.1K 1K/2K/200
After a table change on the previous hand, UTG shoves 12.5K and I fold this pair. I do the same thing with ahqd to an UTG shove of 24.8K, from the guy who will knock me out. Regretting. There is another stack behind me both times with more chips than me.

Hand 198 7s6c BB T60.5K 1K/2K/200
A walk.

Hand 201 jsas UTG2 T61K 1.25K/2.5K/250
My big mistake of the tournament. UTG1 shoves 30.7K and I put my faith in the power of the Mutant Jack, re-shoving. He has ksad, the board runs out 6ctstd4ctc, and I lose half my stack to the player who will knock me out.

Hand 204 8dth BB T27K 1.25K/2.5K/250
Another loose BB call that costs me. UTG1 min-raises from a similar-sized stack, the guy I doubled calls from SB and I call. 2c7d7c gets checked around, as does qc on the turn. SB min-bets the jh river, I fold, and UTG1 calls to lose to jc5c, holding 9cad.

Hand 205 ad9d SB T24.2K 1.25K/2.5K/250
Ten BB with a suited ace? I shove when it’s folded around to me and BB (with only 5BB) folds.

Hand 208 4cac HJ T28K 1.25K/2.5K/250
Another suited ace, another shove, and more folds.

Hand 212 ad4s BB T32.7K 1.25K/2.5K/250
UTG raises to 6.5K, CO is all-in for less, SB calls, and I make yet another bad call in the BB. The flop is 5h6s5d and is checked around. kd on the turn, 6c on the river, and SB bets 2.5K, which vets called by myself and UTG. SB takes the whole thing with 7c7h against thah for UTG and qd9d for CO.

Hand 216 thqh HJ T21.3K 1.5K/3K/300
I shove and get called by 6sac inSB. He only has 16.4K, but it’s gonna hurt if I lose. The board is kind and gives me 3d2c7dqdks for nearly a double-up.

Hand 218 jckd UTG2 T43.8K 1.5K/3K/300
Raise to 9K, call from HJ. 8ckh9s on the flop, I shove, he calls off with 3h3c and I’m safe to the river with 4h7d

Hand 222 th9h SB T74.3K 1.5K/3K/300
Big stack in HJ limps in. I just call, even though I’d normally raise this hand. BB checks. The flop is kc6h7h giving me a gut-shot straight flush draw. Everyone plays it cautious and checks. I’m actually the smallest stack involved in the hand, BB has 83K behind and HJ has twice that. 5h completes my flush and still leaves me with a redraw to the straight flush. I bet 5K, BB calls. 2c on the river. I mean to bet 15K into the pot of 21.4K but accidentally hit the wrong keys and make it 15,999. BB calls with 8s4c and a straight. Just glad it wasn’t in hearts.

Hand 225 qhqs HJ T102.8K 1.5K/3K/300
Big hand raises to 9K and takes it down.

Hand 226 ah3h UTG2 T109.4  1.5K/3K/300
I’m not top stack at the table by 60K, but I make the raise and win.

Hand 233 9hac SB T110K 2K/4K/400
HJ moves all in for 22.8K. The big stack in CO re-raises for 41.6K and even though I think this hand is playable, I don’t want to put in more than a third of my stack. As it turns out, it would probably have been a good idea, because HJ’s 2cad wins the double-paired board against qckd of the table chip leader.

Hand 235 qd7h BB T104K  2K/4K/400
A walk.

Hand 236 7d6d SB T112K 2K/4K/400
The big stack raises to 12K and with only six players join the table, I feel I can make this call. I make an inside straight draw on the td2h8c flop, we both check it, and I hit a pair on the 7s turn, check-calling 16K, but I fold to a 32K bet when the river is ks.

Hand 240 kdth UTG2 T82.4K 2K/4K/400
I open to 12K and call a raise to 35.7K from SB, who only has 18.3K behind. The flop is [ac7s]6h and I have to fold to the all-in.

Hand 243 kskc BB T45.5K 2K/4K/400
UTG3 min-raises with 65.7K behind and gets a call from HJ (199K behind). CO raises to 24K (129K back) and this seems as good a time as ever to shove 10 more big blinds. CO calls and I’m up against the adjd Mutant Jack. I’m good all the way on the 8h2s5sjcks board.

Hand 249 asad UTG2 T107K 2.5K/5K/500
Yeah, this happened. UTG limps. I raise to 20K. Action folds back to UT, who calls. The flop is 8d6cac. UTG shoves 162K. I call. He has kc9c and the turn is 5c, flipping the odds from 75% in my for to exactly the opposite. 3h on the river.

VPIP for this game was 21%, with me raising 15% of hands pre-flop. Went to showdown on 49% of the hands I played, winning just under two thirds of the showdowns.

Three hours and forty-five minutes. 249 hands. 16th of 508 entries. +210% ROI.

Infinite Stacks


I was an invited call-in on Monday’s premiere livecast of Abe Limon’s rebooted #POKERSESH, now streaming through Poker Talk Live (which is also home to Live at the Bike). He’s heaped a lot of praise on my articles here and elsewhere, which I’m more than happy to suck up despite my tendency to self-deprecation (one of my email sigs cites a quote from “The Making of the President 1972” about George McGovern: “a humble, self-effacing, egomaniac”). If you’re a subscriber to the site (or you sign up for a free month with the code: pokersesh) you can catch my few minutes on the air at 15:40 in the archived show. Lots of thanks to Limon and co-host Marie Lizette for having me on.

What stood out to me in the show, though, was Limon’s elucidation on his “Infinite Stacks” concept. I knew about it already and understood what he was getting at, but this “self-loathing tournament player” (as Limon described me) has enough self-awareness to appreciate this exchange between the hosts and Kevin Hoff, who called in at 42:30.

LIMON: Kevin Hoff is the administrator for Infinite Stacks.

MARIE LIZETTE: I see. So that’s a real thing?

LIMON: Infinite Stacks is a real thing. In one way or another.

MARIE: I figured that was just made-up.

LIMON: Well, I mean, it’s…it’s…you know…

MARIE: I just assumed it was a Twitter account you created to double troll people.

LIMON: Well, in a way. But you know…

MARIE: I figured it was your troll “strudle.”

LIMON: I invented Infinite Stacks on one of the very first old Poker Sessions, right Kevin?

KEVIN HOFF: That’s right, absolutely.

LIMON: It was like, show number 2 or 3, and I said, I told everybody, hey, ‘cuz what it was was a take on “Monster Stacks” and “Colossal Stacks”…

MARIE: Oh, okay.

LIMON: …and everybody, the way that everybody is nowdays…

MARIE: “Quantum Reload” all that stuff, “Infinite Stacks” of starting….

LIMON: …all these morons—these fucking tournament morons—what they are really trying to do is, they’re trying to create a cash game with no cash game pros. So, they want bigger stacks…

MARIE: Right.

LIMON: …longer levels…

MARIE: Right.

LIMON: …all this nonsense. So basically they’re like: “Oh, what if I could be in a cash game with no cash game pros so I could actually win and not have my ass handed to me every day?” Right?

MARIE: Right, right, right.

LIMON: So what they’re trying to do is create this little world away from the cash game floor, where they mimic a cash game but they get to keep all the guppies to themselves, right?

MARIE: That’s…. Which sucks! They’re killing the cash game! I mean, they’re killing the cash game!

LIMON: So what I did, I said: “Uh, there’s a new tournament at the casino! It’s called ‘Infinite Stacks’, it’s held where the cash games used to be.” Right?

MARIE: Exactly! Exactly!

LIMON: “And it’s the greatest tournament structure in the world.”

MARIE: You can buy in for any amount.

LIMON: Any amount.

MARIE: There’s no cap.

LIMON: No cap.

MARIE: Unlimited rebuys.

LIMON: Go to the bathroom when you want. Cash out when you want. Yeah. So that was my whole thing. It was a joke, but it was also sort of like a commentary on how tournament structures are going, where every year it’s bigger. Deep stacks! Monster stacks! Colossal stacks! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…..

I’m still a tournament player. There’s something about the pressure of the increasing blinds that makes it more of an interesting game to me, as a game player. As someone trying to make a long-term profit from poker, however, I think Limon has the goods here.

Take On the OG Challenge

It was four years ago this month that Bluff magazine profiled Chadd Baker, the then-new owner of Portland Players Club, the original poker room in Portland. There had been rumors over the past year or so that Chadd was looking to move on to new opportunities (and, presumably, to spend more time with his new daughter), but yesterday he posted this on Facebook (and a link on the club’s web site):

4+ years and 4,452 Poker Tournaments.

It’s been an amazing, tough, and eye opening experience being my own boss, but I’m ready to take on a new challenge.

The Players Club was a great opportunity for me and now I’m looking to hand over the reigns to someone who has a passion for poker, and the drive to be successful.

The ideal someone is a self-starter, wants to be their own boss, and is 100% reliable. If you’re interested in a new and exciting opportunity as a small business owner, this may be your gig. Lots to sit down and talk about, so much opportunity ahead for the right person.


8+ years of Portland Poker History.

Inspired persons may send emails to PlayersClubPDX@yahoo.com
send a PM to The Players Club.

Serious inquiries will be responded to

I’ve had a fondness for PPC ever since just after Black Friday, when my first trip back there under Chadd’s management resulted in a win over an 80-entry field. He’s run a great place for low-budget players to play, with door fees of only $5 if you get there before noon, and an 11am freeroll tournament that’s been a stepping-stone and fallback for a lot of limited bankrolls. He’s put in a huge amount of work to keep the place running, and it’s still the go-to room for anyone interested in non-Hold’em games, with Big O tournaments running a couple times a day (there’s a $2K guarantee, $250 buyin Big O tournament this Saturday), HORSE and other specialty tournaments on Sundays, and innovations that none of the other clubs in town seem to be able to handle. The dealers who’ve come through the place have been some of the best: they have to be, because of the quantity of cards they deal and their hand reading for four and five-card games, plus high/low games.

A great opportunity for someone with a lot of drive and dedication to the game.