#PNWPokerCal Planner for 12 August 2018

When I decided to take a break from the Planner back in March, I did not realize it would last quite this long. “Maybe a couple of months,” I told myself, “spend some more time playing, maybe head down to Vegas a couple of times, I’ll be back soon.” Best laid plans and all that.

Enough banter. Let’s get into stuff.

Watch 10/25 Ladies Night! | Seminole Hard Rock, Hollywood, FL from PokerNightTV on www.twitch.tv

Jacki Burkhart on Poker Night In America

After making the final table of the WSOP Ladies tournament, Jacki was invited to Florida for a taping/streaming of Poker Night In America Ladies Night. There were two $25/$25 sessions on consecutive nights, streamed simultaneously on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, jacki was on the first, Friday night, as one of the newest players to the national scene, along with Jo KimLily Kiletto, Danielle Andersen, Jamie Kerstetter, and Kelly Minkin. There were some issues with the graphics, as the session ended the announcers said she was up over $6000, then the last tally showed only $300 profit, but she reported a number closer to the original on Facebook. So yay! You can see her pick up a $3100 pot somewhere in the stream.

Wildhorse Summer Poker Round Up

Results are in for the smallest of the Wildhorse Round Ups, The bigger events ran about 300 entries each, with the Main Event ($330 buyin) garnering 294 players and a prize pool just under $90K. Results are up on Hendon Mob.

PNW Poker Leaderboard

Walla Walla’s Felipe Nievez-Lopez gets onto the leaderboard with a win in the Wildhorse Summer Poker Round Up Main Event. It’s also his first Hendon Mob recorded cash. I wouldn’t normally report on Chad Norheim (Gig Harbor) taking 5th in the event for his second recorded cash, but the fact that he turned around and went to The Bike in LA to make the unofficial final table at Legends of Poker #3 $200K GTD NLHE tickles my fancy. Coming in 2nd was Denny Edwards of Hermiston for his biggest-ever cash (all 13 of them from events at Wildhorse, by the way), and Ronnie Anderson from Yakima, whose first recorded cash was a win in a 400-entry event at Wildhorse in the spring. Both players move up about 300 places in the rankings (Edwards moves to #595, Anderson to #864).

The event leading into the main was Wildhorse Summer Poker Round Up #5  with 267 entries and a prize pool of over $52K. Corren Spargur from Richland won that (moving up to #786) and Ryan Stoker repeats on the leaderboard this week because of his 2nd place finish. Stoker only picks up 9 places (moving to #174) because it just gets harded and harder the more money you’re made.

Speaking of which, James Romero‘s stuck at #10, despite the cashes for James Christopher Romero getting wrapped in to his records and winning the Seminole hard Rock Poker Open #3 NLHE 8-Max TurboReally hard when you get up to that level; the gaps are so many dollars apart.

This Week In Portland Poker

The Game is running single-table sit-and-gos on Tuesday nights at 7pm. There’s a rotating buyin ranging from $200 to $1K. I played the $500 buyin last week and managed to chop three ways at a table that included Dustin TragethonRandy “Terminator” PalazzoNick “Wonka” Getzen, and Jonathan “Jonathan” Levy among others. Call The Game to find out the stakes for future games and reserve your place.

There’s another episode of PokerTime out but the series I played in hasn’t started yet. Console yourselves.

Last week’s $10K at Final Table (out with the second nuts). Portland poker is not dead.

There’s a $10K almost every week at Final Table on Friday night and another at Portland Meadows Saturday at noon. And two tournaments every day at both clubs (plus shootouts). I’ll try to make the rounds of places like Claudia’s and Rialto soon!


Just after I posted this, Brian Sarchi at Portland Meadows posted on Facebook’s NW Poker group that all tournaments at Meadows will be using the big blind ante starting Monday (when antes come into play, the big blind puts in 2x the big blind, half for antes for all players, and the remainder for the big blind). The Friday Big O and Saturday 7pm tournament also have changes.

Only a Day Away

  • The Bicycle Casino WPT500/Legends of Poker continues on after the end of Mega Millions XIX. This weekend has some great stuff that I’m just dying about missing: a $350 buyin HORSE tournament tomorrow, a $565 Survivor tournament where 10% of the entries get a $5K payout (Friday), then the $570 entry WPT500 with $1M GTD starting Saturday, with flights running through next weekend (25 August). Eash entry day features a regular flight at 1130am and a turbo at 5pm.Day 2 on 26 August and final table on Monday, 27 August. Immediately following that is another $1M GTD tournament with 6 entry days ($350 buyin).
  • The Colorado State Poker Championship 22 starts its $1100 Main Event on Friday, with  another entry day on Saturday, at Golden Gates Casino.
  • Tomorrow through Saturday are the last 3 entry days for the Venetian August Extravaganza #10 $100 GTD NLHE. $250 buyin and run as big blind ante (as are the Colorado State poker Championship games). The August Estravaganza is followed by the 7-day Senior Extravaganza. For some reason, neither event is currently linked from the Venetian’s poker blog.
  • Friday and Saturday are the entry days for the HPT St. Charles Main Event outside of St. Louis. At Ameristar St. Louis, it’s a $1,650 buyin event; the most recent (in April) had a $435K prize pool.
  • The second stop in the PokerStars Players Championship is at Lucky Chances Casino south of San Francisco starting Sunday. It’s $86 for an entry—the amount Chris Moneymaker paid for his satellite to the WSOP fifteen years ago—and the prize is a Platinum Pass seat in the $25K buyin PSPC tournament in The Bahamas next January, along with $5K in expenses. The PSPC itself will be loaded with online and live qualifiers (and people who won seats in drawings), One was awarded last week at Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, There’ll be tour stop in September in LA and Phoenix, and another at Run It Up Reno in November.
  • Image via Steve Roselius.

    This month’s Muckleshoot Casino Big Bounty tournament ($200 buyin) takes place Sunday at 10:15am. Next Sunday at the same time id the monthly Deepstack ($300 buyin). They still haven’t posted anything on their web site about next month’s Muckleshoot Fall Poker Classic (21–30 September) but that link goes to Facebook. Friend of the blog Steve Roselius posted a snapshot of the flyer from the poker room to Facebook. They’ve typically run satellites to the all or part of the series in preceding weeks.

  • A little further afield, Ameristar East Chicago is the host to HPT Chicagoland from 23 August to 3 September. Main Event ($1,650 buyin) has three entry days starting 30 August. Nonstop RT tickets  for Thursday through Tuesday of that weekend are still less than $350, Accommodations could, uh, run a bit more.
  • The Commerce Poker Series starts in just over two weeks (30 August) and runs through 16 September

This Place Is a Dump! #PNWPokerLeaderboard for 5 August 2018

I eked out the most recent #PNWPokerleaderboard on the Fourth of July—over a month ago—but even that only covered tournaments reported through the end of June. Then, Hendon Mob changed the format of their reports (from which this info is drawn), and all of the tools I’d written to automate the process were busted. Updating them took me some time, what with a broken wrist, but it’s finally done, so let’s catch up on how Pacific Northwest players did in the last weeks of the World Series of Poker and other events!

At the top of the board, of course, is Kao Saechao. His 16th-place finish at the World Series of Poker Main Event puts him just outside the million-dollar club of the top two dozen players in the Pacific Northwest (and as I’ve mentioned before, some of those people don’t actually live here any more).

The Main Event made some money for a number of other PNW players, as well. Notable was Mason Barrell of Eugene who has exactly one Hendon Mob cash on his record: 70th place in the field of 7,874. That’s in the top 1% of the Main Event for his only recorded cash. Washington’s Eric Kepper and Bothell’s Aaron Moreau-Cook got their first recorded cashes (at 131st and 354th, respectively).

Making it to 73rd, Ahmed Amin of Seattle just about doubled his recorded tournament winnings; Takashi Matsushita (also Seattle) took 261st for nearly ten times his previous records. Paul Varrano (Pullman), Christopher Leslie (Portland), and Adam Walton (Seattle) made the same payout tier at 387th, 352nd, and 407th, but I gotta give the not to Adam for making a little extra by cashing in the Wynn Summer Classic $5K Survivor about a week earlier. I prefer the poker players who survive.

If you missed the great 5th-place run of Jacki Burkhart in the WSOP #57 $1,000/$10,000 NLHE Ladies Championship and were having trouble finding the replay, have no fear, because it’s still on Twitch, but since they switched over from the very end of the $10K Razz Championship just a quarter hour after the stream started, it’s labeled for that game. You can hear a little rightful bitching about the marginalization of the tournament by the WSOP and broadcast media in Jamie Kerstetter and Chad Holloway‘s LFG Podcast, where they interview Molly Mossey, the 7th-place finisher. Jacki and Jamie are both scheduled to play the Poker Night in America Ladies Night on Friday this week, (along with Lily KilettoNatasha Mercier, and Danielle “@dmoongirl” Andersen).

James Romero didn’t post any big cashes at the WSOP (I mean, he got a double-up for 608th in the Main Event but that’s piker’s money for Romero), he did make six figures for 3rd place at the Venetian/Mid-States Poker Tour $3.5K NLHE Big Blind Ante, as well as decent ROI for the Venetian/Card Player Poker Tour #126 taking 17th. Darren Rabinowitz placed 13th in that one, and took 5th in the Wynn $200K NLHE.

There was a James Christopher Romero from Wilsonville who grabbed 7th at the Larry Flynt Grand Slam of Poker $777,777 NLHE at the end of the month, which seems like a weird coincidence, particularly since JCR’s only other recorded cash is from a tournament last summer in Macau, but I could just be mistaken about that coincidence.

Friend of the blog Ryan Stoker placed 4th in a Wynn Summer Classic $1M NLHE at the end of June (won by Athanosios Polychronopoulos, the favorite name of every poker reporter). It looks like a three-way deal was made after Ryan busted, but he did quite well.

Kirkland’s Matthew Simmons got a huge boost to his lifetime earnings with the best part of a four-way deal at the Planet Hollywood GOLIATH $500K NLHE.

Bill Patten, one of the owners of the late Aces Full club on SE Powell, won a huge WSOP Daily Deepstack in June, with 1,199 entries, which brings him to the brink of $100K in recorded cashes.

Lee Markholt, one of the biggest names in poker in the PNW (and #6 on the all-time earnings list for the region) cranked it up a little bit by finishing 5th in the WSOP #76 $3,000 HORSEJesse Hampton of Mercer Island came in 9th, effectively doubling his lifetime earnings.

The WSOP #63 NLHE High Roller got 480 entries; Bellevue’s Noah Bronstein added a nice chunk to his record by placing 4th.

Back over at a Wynn Summer Classic $100K NLHE on 1 July, Garry Bleisner from Spokane Valley took 2nd in a 3-way deal (with more than $100K left in the $240K prize pool) that dwarfed his previous earnings and got him on the PNW Leaderboard. Other newcomers are John Durney (Aberdeen) whose only recorded cash so far is 2nd place in a deal at the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza #92 $75K NLHE, and Portland’s Amy Schwarz, who beat out 8,906 other players for a 14th-place finish in WSOP #6 NLHE The Giant, the $365 tournament with the $2.676M prize pool that ran qualifiers throughout the series and wrapped up at the end of June.

Amy Schwarz, WSOP The Giant © Melissa Haereiti

Seattle’s Laurence Hughes kept the hammer down as the summer series came to a close, with a final table in a seniors tournament at the Wynn on 8 July (7th of nearly 500 entries), a final table (3rd) in a seniors tournament at Bellagio three days later (only 64 entries, but chopped by Eli Elezra and Michael Holm), and 5th place in a Wynn Summer Classic $200K NLHE three days after that.

Wrapping things up in this catch-up edition are a couple of 3rd place finishes in the WSOP Daily Deepstacks. Kent’s Kevin Jenkins did it on 29 JunePhillippe Olbrechts pulled it off on 5 July.

That’s far from all the winners and cashers. Don’t argue with anyone who says they cashed the main just because they’re not on here; if they didn’t at least triple their buyin, I didn’t cover it. Let them live out their fantasies.

I think I might know someone. The heat this week may delay me, but I’m going to try to get the weekly #PNWPokerCal back in operation. Thanks to everyone who’s offered thanks and support over the summer!

There’s Plenty of October to Share, Guys!

The cast just came off my wrist last week, so I’m not back in shape to take up my duties here at Mutant Poker Tower quite yet, but I have been trying to keep up the calendar (thanks to Nick Getzen for his kind words last week about its utility!) and somehow, three series of interest to PNW poker players coming up in the next quarter have managed to pick overlapping dates (once again).

Closest to home, the Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic has been on the calendar (20–28 October) for months. They released their tournament schedule a while back, and I’ve had it marked ever since.

The World Series of Poker Circuit Lake Tahoe dates (25 October–5 November) were announced along with the rest of the season just before the WSOP started in late May. The individual events haven’t been announced yet.

And this week, Run It Up Reno‘s dates were released (19–29 October) along with the event schedule.

So three of the only tournament series that run in my loosely-defined greater Pacific Northwest (including Northern California and Nevada) will be operating simultaneously for four days, and for another six days, at least two of them will overlap. There’s a fair amount of travel time between Lincoln City and Tahoe/Reno, and even just going from Harvey’s Lake Tahoe to the Peppermill Reno isn’t like shuttling between the Venetian and the Rio.

These guys are killing me.

Shout out tonight to Liz Brandenburg, recovering from surgery for a broken elbow (at least I hope she’s recovering, the last post I saw from her she’d been waiting for a few hours because they’d pushed back her surgery time). Also on this summer’s Poker Disabled List:

  • Dan “Goofy” Beecher, who broke some ribs falling off a deck a couple weeks after I fell off a deck;
  • Angela “Badass” Jordison, who unexpectedly tried cliff-diving on the wrong kind of cliff (way too far to the water).

Be  careful out there, and remember that poker rooms are much safer than the outdoors.

First Friday

I think this week marks the return of the Final Table First Friday $20K GTD after a WSOP hiatus. $100 buyin with 1 live rebuy and $50 addon.

Newly-minted WSOP Dealer’s Choice bracelet owner Jeremy Harkin is working to get a dealers choice game together Friday nights at Portland Meadows. See the NW Poker group on Facebook to find out details and availability.

I got the chance to play poker in Portland on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago (I’m usually doing stuff with family if I’m in town) and chopped the Portland Meadows $10K, then put my bump to work in the 5/10 game recorded for The Poker Guys‘ PokerTime YouTube show, playing with Jacki Burkhart (who’ll be on Poker Night in America  in a couple of weeks), former Portlander Jeff Dobrin (who appeared  on some of the previous game’s installments), as well as Jeff Mitseff and some of the other regulars from the show. While we’re waiting for that to drop, enjoy one of the recent eps.

Take This Stack and Shove It

My father was a union shop steward and local president when I was a kid, and about the time I went to college, he moved on to a job with the union as an organizer, eventually finishing his career after more than a decade as the top official of his union in the state. So I grew up in a union household. We never had a car that wasn’t American-made. I’ve worked for myself for most of my career, and I’ve never been a union member myself (except for a very brief stint at Fred Meyer where I got to fill out all the paperwork but didn’t last long enough to get to the point where I was an actual member of the bargaining unit) but I’ve never crossed a picket line.

It was with some dismay that the day after I booked a weekend trip to play some satellites at the World Series of Poker, I heard of the citywide strike called for 1 June by the Culinary and Bartenders Union in a tweet from Kevin Mathers.

There’s a list on the union site of the 30+ casinos and hotels that will be affected by the strike if it happens. What won’t be directly affected is the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, the site of the WSOP.

According to vegastravelalert.org, the info website of the union, the contract at the Rio doesn’t expire until a couple of weeks after the end of the WSOP, although the rest of the Caesars properties are affected by the 1 June deadline.

Luckily—since I only had a couple of days on this trip and I wanted to maximize my time—I’d booked my accommodations at the Rio for the first time ever. So no picket-crossing me.

I’m getting in on Friday evening (the 8th), hoping to jump into the 8pm $575 Mega Satellite (pays $5K in lammers and $50 cash), then Saturday and Sunday’s 9am $185 Mega Satellite (pays 3 $500 lammers and $100 cash), with the Venetian 7:05pm $40K GTD Survivor ($400 entry, pays $3,400 cash), and some Omaha Hi-Low cash games at the Rio, Venetian, or Orleans to fill in the time before I fly back out late Sunday.

Workers of the world unite!

April’s Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Results for the Wildhorse Spring Poker Round Up are in the Hendon Mob database, so it’s time to do a little update of the leaderboard. It’s been a month since the last real update, and in addition to Wildhorse, there’s been a fair amount of action for Northwest players outside of Northwest venues.

First, though, a couple of words about how the sausage gets made. I compile this info from Hendon Mob’s state-level leader boards by looking for differences in the “money won” numbers from week to week.  I check Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. I’d include British Columbia if I could, but Hendon Mob doesn’t break Canadian provinces out separately like they do for states in the US.

I only track players with $3K or more of reported earnings on the leaderboard. The Hendon Mob leaderboard doesn’t track recurring or daily tournaments. And because this is all just the Poker Mutant doing all the work for free, I can’t highlight everyone in my write-ups or every cash, much as I might want to.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you might notice that while I link to the Hendon Mob payout pages (or direct sources), I don’t typically list the amount won. That’s because casino’s don’t usually report the results of a deal. Some do, but I know, for instance, that the Wildhorse Main Event had a 3-way deal, but the figures reported to Hendon Mob don’t reflect that.

So like all ranking systems, nothing here is completely accurate, but it’s fun all the same, no?


Almost as if to prove my point, let’s start with the bogus entry in the players who are just breaking the $3K barrier that keeps the riff-raff oout of the leaderboard. This guy had just $1,300 in winnings before he took 2nd place in the 402-entry Thursday tournament at Wildhorse, but Vancouver’s Bill Patten also has another 2nd place at Wildhorse from last year as William Patten (no relation to Vince van), and he’s been on the leaderboard for a while. So not really a newbie.

No idea whether Shane Stonemetz from Zillah, Washington has another identity (there aren’t any other Stonemetzes on Hendon Mob), but he had a breakout win in Event #3 at Wildhorse. He jumps in at #1275 on the Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard.

James Austin [#1280] of Mill Creek, Washington only had a couple of cashes under his belt before winning the first event at Wildhorse; Matt Johnson from Richland took 2nd for his first recorded cash (but there’s another Matt Johnson from the suspiciously nearby Tri-Cities with six Pendleton cashes since 2010, not to mention a Matt Johnson from Kennewick with five).

Yakima’s Ronnie Anderson won the Thursday event at Wildhorse for a first Hendon Mob cash, ditto for Boise’s Ron Rausch in the Seniors tournament on Wednesday. They’re 1463 and 1480, respectively, on the PNW Leaderboard. James Han of Beaverton got his first and second Hendon Mob cashes at Wildhorse this series, with 4th place in the Friday tournament and 22nd  in the Main Event.

Old Guard

Seattle’s Dylan Wilkerson has been on a roll the past month, with 7 cashes including a win, four final tables, and an unofficial final table appearance. He started off with a 10th-place finish at the WSOPC Las Vegas Main Event (610 entries), then 8th in the High Roller at the same series (109 entries). Hopping out to the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, he placed 8th in the Bounty tournament (#10, 145 entries) and the 8-Max (#11, 170 entries) and the Turbo (#13, 93 entries), slipping in a 24th place in the $3M GTD WPT Showdown Championship (1,309 entries). Then he swung up to North Carolina to win the 1,060-entry WSOPC Cherokee Main Event. And on the 21st He Rested. Well, probably he played poker, but he hasn’t cashed in another tracked tournament for a whole week. For all that work, Wilkerson moves up three spots on the leaderboard to 8th.

The biggest jump—percentage-wise—this month is from the single cash by Scott Powrie from Bothell, who goes from #1,062 to #296 by taking 4th place at the WSOPC Las Vegas Main Event. His nearest contender for “Most Improved Ranking” is Colton, Washington’s Richard Jutte, who won the Friday tournament at Wildhorse (moving from #2,671 to #754: more places on the leaderboard but slightly smaller percentage).

Toledo, Oregon’s Tony Shearer (#1182, 3rd in the Wildhorse Friday tournament) and  Robert Haerling of North Powder (#1244, 2nd in Wildhorse Event #3) both moved up by more than 50%.

Bob Schulhauser of Spokane gets the credit for the win of the Wildhorse Main Event in the record books, but blog selfie mascot Elizabeth Tedder and friend of the blog Clarke Straus were in on the deal (now #150 and #233). Clarke noted Kristy Becker of Alaska deserved mention (though I don’t track Alaska) as it’s still rare for two of the final four players in a large tournament to be women. Binh “Jimmy” Nguyen came in 5th, moving him up to #78.

Bob Petty from Richland didn’t have a single score that would have gotten him on the leaderboard round-up this month, but he had two 4th-place finishes at Wildhorse in Event #1 and the Seniors tournament that did the trick. He was the next guy out after me in last fall’s Seniors tournament.

Down in Las Vegas, Landon Brown pulled off a similar hat trick, stringing three cashes at Planet Hollywood’s WSOPC together , including getting heads-up for a ring in Event #3, and an unofficial final table in Event #6, along with a min-cash in the Main Event.

Stephen Elliott from Richland moves from #750 to #473 with his win in the Wildhorse High Roller. The scheduled payouts in this event were incredibly steep, with 2nd place making barely half that of first; that was attained by Stephen Schumacher of Lewiston, who also took 3rd in the Turbo. He moves up to #459.

Peter Lynn (#921, Olympia) came in 5th in the Run it Up Reno Main Event. Thomas Kornechuk of Auburn moved up more than 250 places to #605 with a 55th-place showing at the WPT Showdown ChampionshipEnrique Curiel’s 3rd place at the Wildhorse Event #10 was enough to move the Pasco resident up to #798.

Another player with more than 20% rise in rank was Ryan Stoker of Spokane, whose 10-place finish at the now-notorious HPT Las Vegas Main Event bumped him up from #843 to #651 (the venue and/or organizers—facing an overlay—allowed some players to register late at half price).

Calvin Lee (#78, mercer Island) eschewed the US entirely. His last three cashes have been in Korea, with two this month at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, taking 54th in the Main Event and 8th in the High Roller.

David Mallet of Point Roberts, Washington won the 15-entry HPT Las Vegas Event #2 on Aprll Fool’s Day before wandering his way north to Pendleton. Along the way, he stopped off for the WPTDeepstacks Thunder Valley Main Event for a min-cash, then once he got to town he took 14th in the Wildhorse Seniors tournament and 9th the next day in Thursday’s game. That all pputs him in #406 on the leaderboard.

John Stephenson from Yelm hasn’t had a recorded cash since 2014, but he’s come roaring back with a win in WSOPC Cherokee Event #12 that puts him at #138.

Talking Stick in Arizona is one of the places that records actual payouts in the cvase of a deal, and Mercer Island’s Michael Corson was in a 3-way deal for the Getaway Classic.

Daniel park skips in under the tent with 18th place at the WSOPC Las Vegas Main Event, moving up to #213. Dylan Linde took 10th in the SHRPO Big Stack, but it doesn’t budge him on the leader board (#16) because the differences between players at that level aren’t affected by your average cash. Likewise, Darren Rabinowitz (#14) doesn’t move even with three four-figire cashes at WSOPC Las Vegas Main Event (40th place) a final table in the SHRPO Bounty, and a min-cash in the SHRPO Main Event.

Then there’s Kao Saechao. He went down a spot to #57, but he shouldn’t even be on the list this month because I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even in Pendleton. He has three cashes at Wildhorse attributed to him (30th in Friday’s Event #11, and wins in Big O and O8, but I’m think those are supposed to be under Kao “Flexx” Saechao from Seattle, who was at my table for he High Roller.

What leaderboard report would be complete without some Maxwell Young news? He dragged in a first-place prize at the Mid-States Poker Tour Black Hawk Main Event stop that was his third-largest to date. He’s reached the point where the kind of thing that woul propell someone else up into the top10% of the leaderboard moves him…2 spots, to #37.

Max has got to be looking over his shoulder now for Almedin Imsirovic. The Vancouver native was interviewed in the April 25 issue of CardPlayer magazine’s “When I was a Donk” feature (not yet available online), then promptly won the Borgata Poker Open Main Event. He’s sitting in position #38, right behind Max.

For the number geeks, here are a few figures

  • There are currently 3,435 players in my database (which may include some duplicates as noted before).
  • 32% of the players are from Oregon.
  • 59% of the players are from Washington.
  • 9% of the players are from Idaho.
  • The numbers of players in the database are roughly relative to the populations of the states, with Idaho picking up a few percentage points vs Washington.
  • There are 6 poker millionaires on the Oregon leaderboard, though at least half of them no longer actually live here.
  • Kevin MacPhee and Dylan Linde are the Idaho poker millionaires.
  • Washington has 16 poker millionaires on the leaderboard.
  • Poker millionaires make up less then 0.7% of the player the leaderboard tracks.
  • There are 28 players with less than $1M and more than $500K in lifetime earnings on the leaderboard (0.8%).
  • 48 players fall into the range between $250K and $500K in lifetime earnings (1.4%).
  • Players with more than $100K but less than $250K make up 4.25% of the players.
  • Players with lifetime earnings of $100K or more account for just over 7% of the group I track (those with $3K or more in lifetime winnings).
  • 66% of the players tracked (those with more than $3K) have less than $20K in lifetime earnings.
  • For other tracked players with less than $100K in lifetime earnings, 2% were above $80K;
  • 2.9% had between $60K and $80K;
  • 6.1% had between $40K and $60K;
  • and 15.8% were between $20K and $40K.

May Days of Poker

As we head into this year’s Las Vegas summer poker season, poker continues apace here in Portland (and Oregon).

On May 5th at noon, the Portland Meadows Poker Room hosts a  $30K GTD NLHE Survivor tournament for its annual Kentucky Derby celebration with a buyin of $225.There’s no rebuy and no addon. The flyer says the tournament will end “when there is exactly 10% of the field remaining”, which—depending on rounding—would mean everyone who gets paid gets over $2,200, ten times the buyin.

The next Saturday, May 12th at noon, the Final Table Poker Club is putting on another $50K GTD NLHE tournament with a $160 buyin, $160 live rebuy, and $80 addon. Check their website for more info.

Reports are that action at The Game is just as juicy as ever, keep an eye on Rialto and Claudia’s daily action, and even Aces (inside BC’s Restaurant, 2433 SE Powell, call 503-719-7399) is back with daily tournaments at noon and 6pm Monday through Saturday.

Of note: Ontario Poker Room has a $550 tournament scheduled for 26 May that pays out $10K to 1 out of 20 players. $15 of each entry is the door fee, $15 goes to the dealers, and $20 is for all you can eat food.

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 28 March 2018: POKER IS EVERYWHERE

Welcome to the last #PNWPokerCal Planner. At least for the forseeable future.

MutantPoker.com isn’t going away, and I expect that I’ll probably still keep updating the Pacific NW Tournament Calendar when I can. I’ll post other stuff from time-to-time, and I’ll definitely continue posting @pokermutant on Twitter, but I’m going to step back from trying to make the deadline every Tuesday. Way too may typos and editing errors creeping in. Plus I’ve run out of stupid jokes for titles.

Where to Find Stuff

Over the years I’ve been compiling the calendar, I’ve found some good sources of info on tournaments. Some not-so-good. Here’s where I look for myself.


Portland clubs have varying levels of engagement with their web sites. Sometimes info goes up elsewhere first, sometimes what’s on the web site is incomplete or out-of-date.

Portland Meadows

The Meadows web page is under the Social menu on the racetrack site. They also have social media links. Facebook Twitter

Final Table

I rewrote the website for Final Table, so at least I think it’s pretty informative. They have a Google Calendar-based monthly and 4-day calendar, plus there are ways to show structures for regular and special events. They’re active on Facebook but not so much on Twitter.

The Game

It’s not the prettiest web site out there and there’s not much in the way of tournaments but The Game does put up a monthly slate of shootout info, with food specials and  other goodies from time to time. Semi-regular posts on Facebook in the NW Poker group.

NW Poker on Facebook

Facebook’s taking it in the shorts right now because they collect info about you that you probably had no idea they had access to and sell it to every Bob, Dick, and Ivan out there so Mark Zuckerberg can pay people to wipe his ass for him (conjecture) but the NW Poker group is the clearing-house for daily info on local games and players.

One Good Hand

The home site for both Claudia’s and Rialto. You’ll also find regular posts from Rialto on NW Poker.


This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list of every poker venue in the PNW, just places I checked in on at least semi-regularly. Or sort of knew about.

Last Frontier Casino

Where would we be without the good buddies up north who have worked so hard to shut down Portland poker? Facebook Twitter

Spirit Mountain Casino

I’ve only played there three times and not at all in the past five years—tournaments are my thing, you know—but they’re still plugging along without the likes of me. No poker-specific social media.

Chinook Winds Casino

My favorite casino at the moment. Very good at getting their schedules and structures up and available before tournament series. Twitter

Black Diamond Private Member Association

An Albany-area club, Black Diamond requires membership to see their schedule. They have an active Facebook page.

Beach Poker Club

Eugene. Facebook is active but no Twitter this calendar year.

High Mountain Poker Palace

Kind of hard to tell if they’re doing anything, the Twitter account has been idle for a couple of months, but there was a Facebook post this month.

Bend Poker Room

For a small-town venue, BPR has busy Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Widhorse Resort & Casino

Will it be my next favorite casino in a week or two? All I know is they don’t have poker-specific social media.

Little Creek Casino

Northwest of Olympia, Little Creek has a regular schedule of small tournaments with the occasional series.

Muckleshoot Casino

Muckleshoot publishes a monthly poker room calendar, usually just after the first of the month but sometimes it makes it out before the end of the previous month (April is up!). Their social media accounts aren’t poker-specific.

Tulalip Casino

Tulalip’s monthly poker calendar is usually more delinquent than Muckleshoot’s (April is not up!).


Casinos are corporations and like a lot of corporations, they have processes for getting things done. Their web sites are usually run by an overworked in-house publicity department that’s handling stuff for the entire casino or they’re outsourced to third-party web development services who could care less about whether yo are getting your tournament info in a timely manner. There are, however, people whose job it is to get info out to you (and unlike me, they get paid for it) and poker rooms often send information to these venues long before it gets onto their own casino’s web sites.


If you don’t already have a PokerAtlas account (and associated app), get one today (it’s free). Their information isn’t always up-to-date (I’m pretty sure Aces Full isn’t having a tournament today at noon), but their infoo on major tournament series is reliable. You can search for info by geographic region, filter by state and date, and even see info about cash games. They own TableCaptain, a competitor to the Bravo poker management system, which shows live cash game and tournament clock info for venues like Muckleshoot. PokerAtlas also maintains geographically-oriented Twitter accounts: @PortlandPoker, @OregonPoker,  @SeattlePoker, @PokerVancouver, etc.

Bravo Poker Live

The Bravo Poker site and app has dozens of locations with tournament and live game info available. I can tell, for instance that as I type this, there aren’t any tables running at Cactus Pete’s in Jackpot, Nevada; that Tulalip has 5 tables (4 of 1/3 NLHE and 1 2-10 Spread HE with wailing lists of 7 and 1, respectively); 17 tables running at the Orleans (7 different stakes of O8 and HE) and that their 7pm PLO tournament is down to 5 players after four hours.


The CardPlayer site has an extensive list of tournament series for the US and abroad. It’s not as easily searchable as the one at PokerAtlas, but it works.

The Hendon Mob

Naturally, Hendon Mob has a list of worldwide seres. It has the added benefit of links to netcasts of events as they become available.


last but not least is PokerNews, where the list of events isn’t as comprehensive but it does come with links to live reporting.

tournament series and major venues

World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker Circuit

World Poker Tour

Heartland Poker Tour


Mid-States Poker Tour

Venetian Deepstacks

Commerce Casino

Bicycle Casino

Pacific Northwest Leader Board

A lot of material for this last leaderboard (holy crap, I did a lot of programming to produce this feature, how am I going to just toss that aside?). The results from the Muckleshoot Spring Classic hit The Hendon Mob this week.  Since they’re all from the same series this week, let’s do it chronologically, more or less.

Jordan Feliciano (Troutdale) took down the Thursday tournament with 324 entries and a prize pool just over $30K, then cashed in the Main Event at 12th for his second and third Hendon Mob records. Nathaniel Janda of Mill Creek, Washington took 2nd in the Thursday tournament for his second recorded cash.

Tacoma’s Michael Coombs had a small cash in the Omaha 8 tournament Wednesday evening (there was a 4-way deal at the end; alert Angela Jordison!) then won the Friday tournament before triple-dipping with a 29th place finish in the Main Event. The Friday tournament had a four-way split for 2nd place, with Josh Sepulveda (Lynnwood), Michael Turchin (Federal Way), David Gray (Puyallup, his seond-ever recorded cash), and Stone Samrith (Burien) sharing the honors.

Sean BrandowThanh Hoang, and Tommy Kivela were all at the final table of the Saturday tournament ($500 buyin) where it looks as if there might have been a final table deal.

Kivela went on to make the final table of the Main Event ($750 buyin) for a good weekend (he has only five recorded cashes and one of the other three was the final table at the Chinook Winds Main Event just last month.

Only two other PNW players were in the top six in the Muckleshoot Main Event: Portland’s Allen Oh in 5th and Kao Saechao in 4th(Damascus, also coming off a good Chinook series run).

This Week In Portland Poker

Portland Meadows is closed for Easter Sunday.

Only a Day Away

Would you believe we’re less than two months from the beginning of the Las Vegas summer series season? The Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza III starts 14 May; and Planet Hollywood GOLIATH starts 24 May.

  • The Bicycle Mega Millions XVIII wraps on Saturday. There are two $245 entry flights each day through Friday for their last event, a $250K guarantee.
  • The World Series of Poker Circuit  Planet Hollywood Main Event has entries on Friday and Saturday ($1,675).
  • Run It Up Reno at Peppermill Casino has its $600 $150K GTD Main Event this weekend, with entries on Friday and Saturday. There’s also a $5K GTDPLO Bounty tournament on Saturday evening ($235 buyin with $100 bounties).


  • The Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza II has a $200K GTD $1,100 entry tournament with flights today and tomorrow. They haven’t got any large events planned this weekend with the WSOPC main down the street at Planet Hollywood, but it ramps back up next Thursday with a $600 $200K GTD.
  • WSOPC Council Bluffs starts tomorrow.
  • Heartland Poker Tour is at the  Westgate Las Vegas tomorrow. The Main Event ($1,650 entry) on the first weekend of April has a $500K guarantee; there;s an opening event with a $350 buyin with $100K GTD.
  • Tomorrow is WPTDeepstacks Thunder Valley. It opens with two $100K GTD tournaments (a multi-entry-day event with $160 buyin during the week with Day 2 on Friday and a single-day tournament on Saturday with $460 buyin) and wraps with a $500K GTD event ($1,100 buyin) starting next Thursday.
  • Saturday morning at Bay 101 in San Jose, they’re ramping their tournament schedule back up after last year’s move with a $550 freezeout with big blind antes. They’ve announced the sates for this years Bay 101 Open (14–21 May); most of the tournaments on their schedule come with a $350 voucher for the series.
  • The Wildhorse Spring Poker Round Up is coming up in just over a week, with a slightly reconfigured schedule that puts the High Roller up front on the first weekend rather than mid-week. Adjust your plans accordingly. I’ll be there Thursday for the 7pm NLHE High Roller Super Satellite.
  • Mid-States Poker Tour Colorado is in Black Hawk next week, starting with a $150K GTD, $350 buyin and wrapping with a $1,100 buyin on a $300K GTD event.
  • Deepstacks Poker Tour Edmonton runs 6–16 April at Casino Yellowhead. The capping event is a C$300K tournament with C$1,100 buyin (US$230K and $845, respectively). Flights bracketing the Main Event are going for about $300RT.
  • The HPT St. Charles stop near St. Louis is always popular, and they head east after Las Vegas for a series starting 12 April.
  • Stones Gambling Hall has a their Spring Classic coming up 10 April with multiple events and a $150K GTD Main Event.

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 21 March 2018: SPRING INTO POKER

Pacific Northwest Leaderboard

There was a late (late) report from the Chinook Winds PACWEST Poker Classic that showed up in this week’s collation for Oregon players on The Hendon Mob: Eugene’s David Holder, who took 2nd place in the Main Event. It was his largest reported cash—and the first one in nearly five years—thogh he had a string of four-figure cashes for several years in LA and elsewhere, and was the winner of the 2011 TJ Cloutier Choctaw Poker Challenge.

Ian Johns made it to 10th in a field of 1,533 at the LAPC25 #48 $1M GTD NLHE Double Stack, another number from mid-February that just posted this past week (I reported on Belliga Flores getting 8th in the same event last week). Out in Atlantic City, Max Young is still cranking them out, just missing a third WSOP Circuit Ring in Event #4 NLHE Double Stack. He lost to a guy older than me! So there is hope! max is already qualified for this year’s Global Casino Championship via his Main Event win at Lake Tahoe earlier last fall.

This Week In Portland Poker

Nothing special going on that I’m aware of, but next weekend…

Only a Day Away

Would you believe we’re less than two months from the beginning of the Las Vegas summer series season? The Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza III starts 14 May; and Planet Hollywood GOLIATH starts 24 May.

  • I somehow missed the announcement of the Atlantis All In Poker Series in Reno (which started last Thursday). It runs through this weekend, so if you were heading down a couple days early for Run It  Up Reno, you might check in on the $200K NLHE Main Event with $1,100 buyin on Friday and Saturday at 11am.
  • The Bicycle Mega Millions XVIII with a $1M GTD for a $160 buyin has entry days through Monday, with two $160 entry/$100 addon flights each day at 11:30am and 4pm, and $550 flights (a higher percentage of players make it to Day 2) Friday–Sunday at 2pm. Tuesday (Day 2 of the $1M event) is the first of six flights for a $245 tournament with $250K GTD.
  • The World Series of Poker Circuit is back in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood tomorrow with an opening $150K ($365 entry) this weekend, PLO on Monday, and the Main Event next weekend.
  • The $40K/1st tournament at Lucky Chances is Sunday at 9:30am.
  • Run It Up Reno is at Peppermill Casino starts Monday. It has a reputation as an extremely fun series, and while the events aren’t particularly large (with a $600 buyin $150KGTD Main Event), they do have a range of games, includiing PLO, HORSE, and 8-Game 6-Max.
  • Monday is also the beginning of Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza II which kicks off with a $200K GTD $1,100 entry tournament for the non-weekend-warriors: starting days on Wednesday and Thursday next week, offset from the Planet Hollywood Main Event.
  • Next Thursday is WSOPC Council Bluffs.
  • The Heartland Poker Tour return to  Las Vegas at the Westgate next Thursday. The Main Event ($1,650 entry) on the first weekend of April has a $500K guarantee; there;s an opening event with a $350 buyin (flights 29–31 March) with $100K GTD.
  • Also starting next Thursday is WPTDeepstacks Thunder Valley. It opens with two $100K GTD tournaments (a multi-entry-day event with $160 buyin during the week with Day 2 on Friday and a single-day tournament on Saturday with $460 buyin) and wraps up next weekend with a $500K GTD event ($1,100 buyin).
  • The Wildhorse Spring Poker Round Up is coming up in just over two weeks with a slightly reconfigured schedule that puts the High Roller up front on the first weekend rather than mid-week. Adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Mid-States Poker Tour Colorado is in Black Hawk two weeks from today, starting with a $150K GTD, $350 buyin and wrapping with a $1,100 buyin on a $300K GTD event.
  • Deepstacks Poker Tour Edmonton runs 6–16 April at Casino Yellowhead. The capping event is a C$300K tournament with C$1,100 buyin (US$230K and $845, respectively). Flights bracketing the Main Event are going for about $300RT.

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 14 March 2018

Yeah, that’s right, it’s been a year since I won the trophy as the best poker player in Portland!  And now that I’ve won my first five-figure score I’m going to be insufferable!

This week’s edition of the Planner is going to be a short one; I need to go and soak my swelled head.

The PACWEST Saga—Now With Hendon Mob!

We’ve had the results of the PACWEST Poker Classic posted for a couple of weeks now, but for those of us who live and die by numbers, the real question was when were they going to show up on The Hendon Mob?

Like an idiot, I was checking them obsessively—sometimes several times a day—even though you can have (and I do) Hendon Mob alert you when a change is made to your results. Angela Jordison took time out of her busy schedule of playing poker and drinking in LA at the WSOPC/Mega Millions series to text me Saturday afternoon when they weren’t showing up yet. I checked again early Sunday and there was my latest cash, but they were still entering them in; while all of the events were listed for the serie, only the first event had a link when I first checked it. A couple of hours later, all were up. You can find them here.

I put together a points spreadsheet for the series, using the WSOP Circuit point system for Ring eventsTam Nguyen was the overall winner with a first-place in Event #7 NLHE Seniors and final table in Event #1 $100K NLHE, for 67.5 points. For “open” events (non-restricted by age, in this case), the crown would go to TJ Amhaz, whose technical 2nd in Event #1, final table in Event #13 $50K NLHE, and min-cash in Event #16 $200K NLHE Main Event, got him 62.5 points, just enough to edge ahead of Richard Chouinard, who also had two final tables (Event #3 and the Main Event) and a min-cash for 60 points. Two more players with two final tables tied for the next spot with 55 points: Kris Monteith and Calvin Le. With wins in one event and a min-cash in another, Angel Farrington and Dan Beecher got 52.5 points, putting them ahead of everyone who won an event but didn’t cash anything else (50 points): Angela JordisonJacob Dahl, Kao Saechao, Matthew Jacks, Paul Nguyen, and Paul Thomas.

Pacific Northwest Leaderboard

The winner of the Chinook Winds PACWEST Poker Classic, Portland’s Paul Nguyen, was the top new name on the leaderboard, with his only recorded cash in Event#16 $200K NLHE Main Event putting him in 299th place on Hendon Mob’s Oregon listings. Event #1 $100K NLHE 4th-place finisher William Tinoco was the second newbie (ir was also his first cash) in the big money for the week’s reports.

Meanwhile, down in Los Angeles, James Romero took first place in the WPT/LAPC #59 $200K GTD $5,250 NLHE 8-Max, besting 57 others. Portland’s Andy Su grabbed 4th in the Wynn Spring Classic $1M NLHE Championship in Las Vegas. Glenn Larson of Olympia was the second Larson at the final table of the WPT Rolling Thunder $3,500 NLHE Main Event at Thunder Valley, making 8th place (the event was won by a David Larson from San Jose). Out of Seattle, Belciga Flores took 8th at the LAPC #48 $1M NLHE Double Stack

Calvin Le from Portland was the big money-winner at the PACWEST Poker Classic after Paul Nguyen, with 4th-place finishes in Event #13 $50K NLHE on Friday and Event #16 $200K NLHE Main Event, just edging out TJ Amhaz, who was a co-winner in Event #1 $100K NLHE, took 6th in Event #13 $50K NLHE, and 33rd in the $200K Main Event.

Dylan Wilkerson got a 6th in the Wynn Spring Classic $3,150 NLHE (with a $385K prize pool), then headed north to THunder Valley for a small cash the WPT $3,500 NLHE Main Event.

Portland’s Richard Chouinard was one of a handful of players to cash three (or more) times at the PACWEST Poker Classic. He had a min-cash in Event #1, lost the heads-up batrtle to Angela Jordison in Event #2, and made 7th place in the Main Event. Event #1 co-winner Kao Saechao went down to Thunder Valley and made the unofficial final table of WPT Event #3 NLHE Knockout.

Bryce Schnellenberger of Portland got his second Hendon Mob record for 3rd place in the Main Event. Olympia’s Chris Hinchcliffe got his 88th with 13th place at the WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event.

Kris Monteith of Gresham was another three-cash winner at PACWEST, making final tables in Event #9 Omaha Hi/Lo and the Main Event, and a small cash in Event #11 Big ORobert Mitchell from Corvallis was another PNWer who cashed in the Wynn $1M NLHE, taking 15th.

Daniel Magdalen (Milwaukee) got 5th in the PACWEST Main Event, which was just enough to pull ahead of me (3rd place in Event #1) for the reporting period, but I still jumped 300 places on Hendon Mob’s Oregon All Time Money List.

Poker Time With Tedder

There’s a new session of 2 Poker Guys’ Poker Time $1K Sit & Go that features Elizabeth Tedder. Liz is in both 442nd (as Liz) and 69th (as Elizabeth) positions on the Oregon All Time Money List. If she got those combined she could get out of the 69 position (and move up to 61).

This Week In Portland Poker

It’s the big St. Patrick’s Day $50K GTD NLHE at Final Table this Saturday. There’s a $160 buyin with 1 live rebuy and $80 addon (with $15 daily membership fee). 12K chips for buyin/rebuy, and 10K for the addon. Expect the plaques to come out for this one!

Lucky Chances Battle of the Bay

The Cardroom, a magazine and website covering the Northern California poker scene, announced that Lucky Chances Casino (south of San Francisco) has scheduled their annual Battle of the Bay. The series runs from 22–30 April, and features guarantees for first place ranging from $10K during the week to $40K on opening weekend, and presumably $100K for first place in the Main Event (it’s not specified in the article but it appears elsewhere). Buyin for the $40K/1st event is $630 (with staff appreciation) and the Main Event is $1,110. Lucky Chances has a $40K/1st on 25 March (also $630) at 9:30am.

Only a Day Away

#PNWPokerCal Planner for 7 March 2018

Bilzerian PNW-Style

Stepping Up The Game

Over in SW Portland, The Game is splashing shootout pots with half the membership fees every three hours from open to close on Sundays. They’re also advertising 20/40 at noon on Monday and Thursday, though it;s not specified in anything I’ve seen whether it’s LHE or NLHE. I’m, uh, guessing limit since the calendar says the game’s full kill, but then again you might want to bring $20K along with, just in case. Discount entry fees before noon, 2/5 NLHE running three days a week, with 2/5 PLO and 1/2/5 PLO on Thursdays and Saturdays, respectively.

Portland Meadows DASH Tournament

I was busy getting my ass walloped in the Final Table $20K last Friday, but the Portland Meadows DASH/CRYPTO 20% Overlay tournament—the first brick-and-mortar tournament with buyins and payouts in cryptocurrency—got a respectable turnout, with some players reportedly re-entering four or five times (note: this is never even remotely profitable).

At the time of the tournament, DASH was selling at about $610 (the buyin for the tournament was 0.1D). It dropped a little bit on Monday and is about $580/D as I write this.

DASH tournament final table courtesy Brian Sarchi/Portland Meadows Poker Room


This Week In Portland Poker

It appears as if the most recent addition to the Portland poker scene, Room 52 is no longer in operation. You might keep an eye on the NW Poker group on Facebook to see if there’s more info.

Downtown at the Rialto, they’re trying to get a mixed game shootout running on Mondays, though they’re using the Monday MIx moniker popularized by Devin Sweet, which caused a little dustup in the Facebook announcement.

Just before last weekend’s $20K, Final Table announced a $50K GTD tournament on St. Patrick’s Day.
This week looks like a regular old week of poker in Portland,

My Time Is Coming

Life since the PACWEST Poker Classic has been hideously poker-free. I played a single $10K and a short (losing) microstakes cash game on Ignition Casino because I had an overdue freelance project, the schedule of which was not helped by me spending two weekends in Llincoln City. Then I dropped two buyins at Final Table’s $20K on Friday night in just under 70 minutes. Almost got to my target number in the Saturday night Thousandaire Maker but lost a flip (I had only gotten there by sucking out with nines vs. kings) and busted half-way through; late-regged the $4K 6-Max and busted 49/125; was the first one out of an O8 Turbo, Just missed winning a Jackpot SnG, and dropped my buyins in PLO and NLHE Zone (the Ignition equivalent of PokerStars’ Zoom cash tables). The Black Diamond Poker Open is running online through the end of the month, so I may hit that a little, if I can get this project off my desk.

Pacific Northwest Leaderboard

Results from the Chinook Winds series still haven’t posted to Hendon Mob! What? It’s only been a week and a half since the end of the series? Aaaaaagh! They haven’t updated my photo, either.

Matt Affleck made the Main Event final table of the Rio Las Vegas WSOPC stop, though he was out in ninth.

Powell Butte, Oregon’s Bryce Clark picked up 3rd place in Event #43 of the Venetian Deepstacks Extravaganza. It’s his best-ever score.

Stephen Schumacher from Lewiston picked up his second five-figure cash, getting to 14th in the same WSOPC event as Affleck., then cashed the next day in 12th at the Venetian in Event #44, a $150K GTD tournament.

Back at the Rio, Seth Davies picked up a little cash in the $2,200 High Roller, then went for the long green at an Aria High Roller ($25K buyin) getting heads-up with David Peters in a 15-entry tournament.

And, not to leave out the WynnAaron Thivyanathan (Renton) took 4th place in the 227-entry field of a $100K GTD tournament.

Recognize Anyone?

image via Dion Hunt on NW Poker

2018 Summer Schedule

The last couple of weeks have seen a spate of schedule releases for summer tournament series (believe it or not, the first of them—at the Venetian—opens in just 68 days).

As usual, the first place you should look for info to compare series is Kenny Halleart‘s comprehensive spreadsheet. Hallaert has been putting this together for a number of years, well before he got to the WSOP Main Event Final Table, and as a tournament director in his own right, he’s meticulous about getting all of the info.

The World Series of Poker schedule was announced weeks ago, of course. and it’s easy to find. Structure sheets are linked underneath the name of the event.

The schedule for the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza III has been released (last Thursday) but it’s not linked from the poker room’s blog yet. Between Labor Day and the Fourth of July, events for the series will take place in the Venetian’s Sands Convention Center, to accommodate an expanded schedule.

The Planet Hollywood GOLIATH schedule is still in working status, but you can get a good idea of its scope. It features events with both $1M and $2M guarantees.

The Grand Poker Series at the Golden Nugget only has a draft schedule out, as well, but it features two $250K GTD events and a $500K GTD Main Event which aren’t likely to change.

The Aria/WPT500 schedule is out (sans structures), on the WPT site.

That leaves the WynnBellagio, and Binions schedules yet to come (and finalization on a couple of the above). All of the above are linked through the Calendar.

Only a Day Away

  • Muckleshoot Casino has one last $125 Wednesday satellites (7pm tonight) for packages to the Spring Classic coming up next week. Each package has the option of entry into the $500 $10K Added tournament on Saturday, 17 March and two of the Wednesday–Friday tournaments or entry into the $750 $20K added Main Event and one of the weekday tournaments. There are Mega Satellites Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for tickets to all of the NLHE events, then Wednesday is the opening $2K Added NLHE Shootout ($300 entry) at noon, with a $200 entry O8 at 7pm (not included with anmy of the satellite packages). That builds up to the $10K Added NLHE  next Saturday ($500 entry, last year Portland’s Allen Oh won). A week from Sunday is the $750 buyin Main Event, which had a $142K prize pool last year.
  • The Wynn Classic’s $600 buyin $250K GTD NLHE has three noon flights starting tomorrow.
  • The Bicycle Casino WSOPC/Mega Millions XVIII has the WSOPC Main Event this weekend, with entry flights on Saturday and Sunday at noon (you can also buy direct into Day 2 on Monday, with the original starting stack). Tomorrow is their $10K GTD Big O tournament ($240 entry) and there’s a $3K Survivor tournament tomorrow at 4pm ($365 buyin). The event I’m really sorry to miss is the return of the $100K GTD HORSE game ($350 entry), with six entry flights between Saturday and Wednesday. Next weekend is the beginning of Mega Millions XVIII $1M GTD.
  • The Venetian March Extravaganza runs next week, with twelve events, including a $200K GTD with flights next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ($600 entry).
  • Coming up in just over two weeks, the World Series of Poker Circuit is back in Las Vegas (pace yourselves, guys!) at Planet Hollywood this time.