#PNWPokerCal for 28 August 2018: MOST EXCELLENT EDITION

My Time Is Coming

The Ignition Super Millions Poker Open ended Sunday and last week I popped into another small $10K GTD NLHE 6-Max, busted halfway through, then banged straight out of the nightly $3K GTD NLHE 6-Max. A couple nights later I nabbed 3rd place in a 153-entry $500 GTD NLHE Turbo Bounty, picking up 8 bounties along the way.

The Final Table $10K GTD NLHE  went bad from start to finish, and I busted my live rebuy just before the break, then dropped 100bb in 45 minutes on the shootout tables.

Saturday, I got into an Ignition $300 GTD O8 and just started sucking up chips, then blew a stack that should have gotten me to first or second and took 4th out of 36 for a small cash. Got halfway through the Sunday 6-Max ($4K), and busted a $1K NLHE Super Knockout early.

Monday…well, last week I’d promised I’d have to get over to Claudia’s (at SE 30th & Hawthorne, always the closest game to my house) for the Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo game they spread once a week, and I headed over this week to see if I could catch David Long, my semi-regular partner for trips  to Lincoln City and Pendleton, to talk about October’s Fall Coast Classic Poker Tournament at Chinook Winds. He wasn’t there, so I played the tournament myself (I might have been thinking about that anyway), got seated next to Joe Brandenburg on his first visit there, and I ended up taking first place (all those years of low-level PLO8 and Big O at the late Portland Players Club still paying off!) And with 45% going to first place even after we paid a bubble, even Steve Chanthabouasy would be happy with the percentage (though maybe not the size of the pot).

And Tuesday, the second episode of the PokerTime session I played in dropped, and I actually play a couple of hands.

This Week In Portland Poker

I haven’t seen any announcements for the big Labor Day holiday weekend, so I’ll just leave you with the Oregonian article that Josh Stellmon posted Monday to the NW Poker Facebook group, which includes some news about redevelopment plans for the Portland Meadows site.

Mackenzie via City of Portland and Oregonlive.com

Added to #PNWPokerCal This Week

  • Muckleshoot Fall Classic Satellites, Auburn 2–26 September
  • Lucky Chances $20K/1st, Colma 30 September

Muckleshoot 2018 Fall Classic

The full schedule for the Fall Classic is out, and for the first time that I can recall since starting up the #PNWPokercal, Muckleshoot is putting guarantees (instead of cash added to the prize pool) on their tournaments. A minimum of $500K in prize money is up for grabs over 7 tournaments.

Muckleshoot has spearheaded the concept of satellites for multiple events with games running the three weeks before the series on Sunday morning (10:15am) and Wednesday night (7:15pm) for $150 where a cash gets you $1,250 in tournament entries. There are three nights of $190 tournaments with $1,750 in tournament buyins in a gap between the two weekend of the series.


A 2-day Main Event (29–30 September, $750 buyin) with $150K GTD and two $100KGTD (22 & 28 September, $400 buyin) events are the tentpoles of the series, with an $80K GTD tournament leading off on 21 September ($300 buyn). Thrown into the mix are a $25K GTD LHE tournament (23 September, $200 buyin) and $15K GTD O8 (27 September, $200 buyin) for the fixed limit fans, and a finale I know a couple people will love: the $40K GTD NLHE Shootout (30 September, $300 buyin).

Ticket presales are already open.

Only a Day Away

  • Ameristar East Chicago is the host to HPT Chicagoland Main Event ($1,650 buyin) has three entry days starting Thursday.
  • Mid-States Poker Tour stops at Canterbury Park in Shakopee (just outside of Minneapolis) from Thursday through 16 September. There’s a $300K GTD $1,100 buyin Main Event with three entry days (13–15 September) with satellites running daily from 5 September.
  • The Commerce Poker Series starts Friday and runs through 16 September. The first full week features a tasty-looking $350 HORSE tournament, some Omaha Hi-Lo/Stud Hi-Lo, and a $240 buyin $200K GTD.
  • See above for info about the Muckleshoot Fall Classic Satellites.
  • Labor Day is the start of Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza III. Running through 26 September, the first week features a $100K GTD ($340 buyin) followed by the $1,100 buyin $250K GTD tournament co-sponsored by MSPT.
  • WSOPC Thunder Valley opens 6 September with a $300K GTD tournament for $400 entry. It’s a 2-day event with five flights (two on Thursday and Friday, one on Saturday). HORSE on Monday, 10 September and O8 on Tuesday! The $1,700 Main Event has $500 GTD.
  • The Aria Poker Masters starts 7 September with its smallest buyin: $10K. You can only rebuy once.
  • HPT Golden Gates kicks off in Colorado 12 September with a four-flight $400 buyin tournament. Their $1,650 Main Event begins 19 September.
  • The Gardens Poker Classic (starting 14 Septepmber) is—among other things—the third stop on the West Coast for the PokerStart Platinum Championship, where you can compete for a ticket to a $25K buyin in the Bahamas in January and $5K in expenses (also known as the cost of a banana at the Atlantis Resort). There are a few other things going on during the Classic, including a $300K TD, a $200K GTD, a $550 buyin 8-Game Mix, some HORSE, and a Progressive Bounty tournament.

Poker Time: 3 SETS for WSOP Finalist Jacki Burkhart! (Part 1–UPDATED)

Poker Mutant makes an appearance on PokerTime over the next few weeks, playing with all the fan faves: TerminatorWonkaDestroyer of WorldsDigital Dan, plus my former Vegas housemate Jeff Mitseff, double WSOPC Ringbearer Jeff Dobrin, and non-Jeff WSOP Ladies tournament final tableist Jackie Burkhart.

This wasn’t as exciting a session for me as it was for Jackie or Mitseff, but I promise my VPIP goes up in the next one. It can’t go down!


Technically, it could go down, but I had a VPIP of just over 4% for that session (maybe 8% if I played the hand that was edited out, I can’t remember what it was), putting extra money into the pot just one hand out of 24.

I was on the button the first hand (where Jackie gets felted by Dobie) with 95. My hands, in succession are:

  1. button 95
  2. cutoff Q2
  3. hijack 85
  4. UTG2 65
  5. UTG1 K5 the hand where Jacki has a set of aces and loses on the river
  6. UTG 92
  7. BB QJ I call Terminator’s raise (55) to 30 along with Digital Dan (AJ), and fold to a bet from Dan on the ace-high flop
  8. SB K5
  9. button T5
  10. cutoff T5
  11. hijack 85
  12. UTG2 94
  13. UTG1 T3
  14. UTG 75
  15. BB T4
  16. SB 52
  17. button 74
  18. cutoff 95
  19. hijack T7
  20. UTG2 83
  21. UTG1 hand edited out
  22. UTG 53
  23. BB Q9
  24. SB 54
  25. button 76

P-Town Is Out

By now you’re probably already aware that Kao Saechao, went out in 16th place in the World Series of Poker Man Event this evening. As he pointed out in his post-bustout interview with Joe Stapleton on PokerGO, he got short after getting bluffed in a couple of pots, then shoved over a pre-flop raise from the tournament chip leader, Michael Dyer, only to run into a dominating hand.

Kao’s interview was one of the more introspective and thoughtful I’ve seen, and he took special time to thank the Laotian Mien community and his supporters in the local poker community. He was repping Portland throughout his appearances on ESPN and PokerGO.  Congrats, Kao!

Table Draws for PNW Players 2018 WSOP Main Event Day 6

The median stack for the 109 remaining players is 3M, all three PNW players are over that. Play was halted last night after a power outage due to thunderstorms, it resumes at 11am in the 3000/6000/1090 level.

Table Draws for PNW Players 2018 WSOP Main Event Day 5

The good news for Kat Saechao is he’s seated next to Kelly Minkin. Bad news is, she’s got more than five times his chip stack!

Table Draws for PNW Players 2018 WSOP Main Event Day 4

UPDATE [11:43am]: Michael Corson of Mercer Island is on the WSOP feature table (on ESPN) with Antonio Esfandiari and Davidi Kitai.

The end of Day 3 saw the money bubble break. There are players with 1.6M chips and others with one chip.

I’ve tried to round up all the remaining PNW players here (26, counting Jonathan) but no time for notes, there’s only 90 minutes until showtime! Players are returning in the middle of Level 16, with blinds at 3000/6000 and a 1000 ante.

Selected Table Draws Day 4 (1,182 players; median stack=262,900)

Table Draws for Selected PNW Players 2018 WSOP Main Event Day 3

Day 3 of the Main Event is where it all comes together. Surviving players from all of the starting days are mixed together for the first time. Only 35% of the original entrants remain, and less than half of them (1,142) will make it to the money.

Last year, there were just 18 players remaining before the money bubble after the end of Day 3’s planned five levels, and another level was added. The bubble broke after 1am, but everyone who could came back knowing they weren’t going home empty-handed.

NOTE: The @2PokerGuys inform me that Nick Getzen (who’s a regular on their streamed cash and tournament games as “Wonka”) is also in Day 3, but I didn’t pick up his table draw because the report shows him as from Atlanta. Draw added below.

Selected Table Draws Day 3 (2,786 players; median stack=204,900)

Jonathan Levy has the table chip lead but there are two contenders close on his heels, including 2012 Main Event runner up (and MTV True Life star) Jesse Sylvia. The other player with a lot of chips—Ted Lawson—is nobody to sneeze at, either, with nearly $3M in recorded cashes, a WSOPC Ring, and WSOP bracelet in Omaha. Gionni Demers placed 20th in the 2011 Main Event.

Joe Brandenburg starts the day with 2014 WSOP final tablist Billy Pappas in Seat 1.

Kao Saechao is in reasonably good shape, though Chris Kruk is two seats to his right. Kruk won the PCA High Roller this January and the partypoker MILLIONS North America High Roller in April. Also, this from Day 2A:

Clarke Straus has WPT champs Marvin Rettenmaier and Brian Altman to take chips from.

I’s do more but running out of time!

Nick “Wonka” Getzen is the leader, with 2011 Main Event 6th-place finisher Eoghan O’DeaSalvatore Bonavena won EPT Prague in 2008.

Table Draws for Selected PNW Players 2018 WSOP Main Event Day 2C

Day 2C of the Main Event is a bye day for Flights A and B. Survivors from all Day 2s come together Saturday for Day 3. Day 2C starts Friday at 11am, levels remain at 2 hours each, five levels are played, and the first level is 300-600 with a 100 ante. NOTE: This is not a complete list of players, there are 77 PNW players in 2C.

Flight C (3,480 players; median stack=59,500)

Right off the bat, the name that jumps out from Jacki Burkhart‘s table is Mukul Pahuja, who has more than $5M in recorded tournament earnings. Brazilian Nicolau Villa Lobos has more than $1.2M, with half of that from 2nd place in a WSOP Europe High Roller. Table chip leader Anthony Reategui has $1.6M in earnings, including two final tables so far this summer (both of the Shootout events) and a bracelet in the 2005 $1500 Shootout. Florens Feenstra has cashed for more than a million, mostly at home in the Netherlands (he won WPT Amsterdam in April).

Liz Tedder‘s table isn’t quite as star-studded. Billy Pilossoph does have about million earned, including a 5th place in a WPT World Championship a decade ago.

Table Draws for Selected PNW Players 2018 WSOP Main Event Day 2AB

Back when I was virtually railing my old programming colleague Tomer Berda after he won his WSOP bracelet in 2010, I started to put together reports on his table draws for him, his friends, and family in the hours he was sleeping. Tomer probably didn’t need them, but I like to think they sometimes came in useful, and for non-poker followers or poker folks who just didn’t want to do their own research, it was a lot easier to put things into context. I don’t have nearly enough time this morning to do that for all the folks I’d like to today, but here are some of my fave people playing the Main Event today.

Day 2AB of the Main Event is actually two different tournaments. Flights A and B do not merge until Day 3 (when Flight C also merges with them. They start at 11am, levels remain at 2 hours each, five levels are played, and the first level is 300-600 with a 100 ante. NOTE: This is not a complete list of players, there are 21 PNW players in 2A and 54 in 2B.

Flight A (659 players; median stack=62,600)

Somehow Steve ChanthabouasySeth Davies, and Paul Quiring all ended up at the same table. Watch out for each other!

Flight B (1,794 players; median stack=58,000)